Things to Bring to Puerto Rico

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Things to Bring to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a tropical Caribbean island, which means you can go to the beach throughout the year. December to April is the high season with low precipitation, while summer months for this part of the world mean hurricane season.

What you will bring to Puerto Rico depends on the time of year and your visit’s purpose. Catholic cathedral has a strict dress code, beach not so much. Bathing suits are essential to island equipment, along with sunscreen and sunglasses. You will also want to pack a rain jacket and a hat. As for the clothes, t-shirts and shorts are the best choices for guys, while capris, skirts, and a summer dress for ladies. Take one or two nightlife outfits for clubbing and bars. 

Other necessities for tropical climate include a quick-dry towel and back-up battery for a smartphone you will need after a whole day of taking pictures. The power grid on the island is not perfect, so have some cash because credit card terminals and ATMs might not work. Also make sure that you have a set of antibacterial towel which could protect you in Island. It’s always good to be worried about your hygiene and have something to take care of it. Mizu luxury bath antibacterial towel sets are made with anti-bacteria technology to eliminate dirt. These hyper-absorbent towels are created with the finest Japanese design and contain silver fibers that changes color when the dirt builds up. Effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, Mizu is perfect to keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you are not an American citizen, and Puerto Rico is an American territory, you will need to fill out an ESTA form and get your travel authorization. ESTA application is an online procedure with a detailed questionnaire and a small fee. The administration needs approximately three days to process the application. The advice is to fulfill the form as soon as you can, and not to wait. 

Things to do in Humacao Puerto Rico 

The whole island has beautiful beaches and lush tropical vegetation. Humacao is in the eastern part of Puerto Rico. This part of Puerto Rico is underrated, and many visitors go through on the way to Culebra island. 

Near Humacao, you can explore Punta Santiago Reserve o Humacao Nature Reserve. There are many hike and bike trails. 

The best beaches in Humacao are Punta Santiago, located in nature serve, and Palmas Del Mar. If you like snorkeling, Humacao is an excellent choice. North of the town, you can find El Yunque Rain Forest. The vast protected rainforest area has plenty of attractions and guided tours.

While in this part of the island, try Granos de Humacao, and if you like seafood, go for a meal at Daniel’s Seafood.

Things to do in Culebra Puerto Rico 

If you do not like big crowds and the populated main island, Culebra is halfway between Puerto Rico and American Virgin Island. The laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural beauty are the main features of this remote, pristine part of Caribbean paradise. Relax on a white sandy beach, enjoy clear blue waters. 

Flamenco and Zoni beach stand out with their beautiful sand and stunning views. The whole island is perfect for diving and snorkeling, there are places for bike rental, and sightseeing is a great way to spend a day. Look for sea turtles, rent a kayak or rent a boat and go fishing.

Living in Rincon Puerto Rico

Besides tourists, Puerto Rico attracts many expats, and Rincon is a popular place where foreigners settle. Rincon has good infrastructure in various amenities like high-speed internet. It is also a place with a relaxed vibe and surfing culture, great beaches, and tropical rainforest surroundings. There are plenty of business opportunities, people are friendly, and there is a wide variety of Creole, world, and American cuisine.

Things to do in Isabela Puerto Rico

Isabela is a small town in the northwest part of the island, surrounded by beautiful beaches and diverse attractions that include fine dining, museums, and historic sites. One of the notable landmarks is La Cara del Indio, a monument carved in rock in memory of Chef Mabodamaca that led the rebellion against the Spaniards in 1511.

Another island legend surrounds Jobos Beach, where you can find Pozo de Acionto, a natural well. The story speaks of a peasant Jacinto that fell with his cow into the hole. 

You can explore the Guajataca Tunnel of never finished railroads and enjoy scenic views. Blue Hole Beach offers some of the best spots in Puerto Rico with a 984 ft long reef with an abundance of marine life if you like snorkeling.

Before booking a plane ticket to this Caribbean island, go online for an ESTA Visa check. Once you get your approval, you can visit the US and its territories for the next two years. You can explore the country for up to 90 days.

Bottom line

Puerto Rico is a large island with dense populations, a couple of big cities with an urban feel, and all that comes with city life. Visitors are focused more on beautiful nature, pristine beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters. The main island can feel crowded in high season, and things are a bit better on smaller islands in the archipelago.

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