Unique Travel Destinations That Will Have You Booking Your Next Trip

Travel Destinations

Lovers of travel, welcome to the ultimate destination guide to satisfy all your travel needs. After recent times have been calling for a halt in leisure travel, the arrival of a much-anticipated vaccine seems to be the promising end to our current home bound position. If the travel bug has you itching to get away, either of these remarkable destinations will make the perfect choice for your next trip! 

Destination 1: The Polar Regions

A much better alternative to social distancing is to go where only a fortunate few travel to see. Channel your inner explorer by embarking on a polar expedition to the world’s coldest places. Now let’s get into what makes braving harsh temperatures and rugged terrain the perfect idea for travel lovers. 

Iconic Wildlife – Among the backdrop of glaciers, fjords and pebble beach’s is home to a rich diversity of wildlife inhabitants. When planning a visit to the Antarctic Peninsula of the polar regions, wildlife enthusiast can look forward to seeing: 

  • Penguins laying their eggs from October to December 
  • Penguins hatching from December to late-February 
  • Whales returning to the region to feed from mid-February to March 

Places to See – Navigate through icebergs and deep blue waters of the Antarctic and Arctic regions for the opportunity to visit amazing places, such as: 

  • Between late September and April, explore Greenland and see the Northern Lights
  • Patagonia, known for popular destinations like Cape Horn and Torres del Paine National Park
  • From June to July, visit the North Pole to experience 24-hour sunshine 
  • Snow Hill Island, which is home to a colony of 4,000 pairs of breeding Emperor penguins 
  • Falkland Islands, see everything from penguins to military history 

Activities to Try – Make unforgettable memories with any of these activities and excursions: 

  • Alpine Heli-Trekking
  • Helicopter Flightseeing 
  • Polar Plunge 
  • Zodiac Cruising 

There is no doubt that a trip to the polar regions will cure any travel bug! 

Destination 2: Istanbul 

Prepare for a sensory overload of rich travel experiences from an array of museums to world-class restaurants. An effervescent metropolis located in Turkey; the unique energy of Istanbul is the most enchanting choice for your next travel destination. Now let’s get into what awaits in this location of water and hills.  

Places to See – Explore a city that reflects astonishing cultural influences of the many different empires that once ruled. From Ottoman to Roman legacies, some of Istanbul’s top attractions include: 

  • Hagia Sophia, a museum of glittering mosaics that was once the world’s largest Christian church 
  • The Grand Bazaar, shop for everything you could want at 4,000 shops across 65 streets 
  • Topkapi Palace, home of the famous Topkapi dagger 
  • Kariye Museum, see the world’s most extensive collection of Byzantine paintings 

Activities to Try – Personalize your trip experience with some of Istanbul’s excursions, such as: 

  • Hot Air Balloon over the valleys and canyons of Cappadocia 
  • Cruise up the Bosporus Strait 
  • Ferry to Prince’s Island for a horse-drawn carriage ride 
  • Segway through Old City Istanbul 

Places to Stay – Embrace the way of an empire with a luxurious stay at one of these landmark locations:

  • Pera Palace 
  • The Marmara Taksim
  • Sumahan on the Water 

Make your next trip one to remember by indulging yourself in the culture and traditions of Istanbul.

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