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How to do Market Research on Instagram


Instagram is growing rapidly among social media, and one of the features is the high level of user engagement. It has become the most influential channels for companies to reach the customer. So companies need to perfect market research on Instagram; it helps determine if the current measures are suitable for achieving the goal. 

In that case, to utilize the research on Instagram marketing, it is necessary to firmly understand the characteristics of the survey function, such as Instagram likes, followers, comments, Engagement rate. As a result, some of the services offered on Instagram can help companies achieve marketing effectiveness.

Increase/decrease rate of followers: 

The number of followers is the most crucial number on Instagram. The more followers you have, the more influential the ads you see on that account.

To enhance the number of likes, comments, and engagement rate, we first need to increase the number of followers. If you’ve been on Instagram for many years and your followers don’t grow, likely, your users aren’t accepting you.

Engagement rate: 

Engagement is one of the phrases often used on social media and represents the “strength of ties” with users. It is not only will you be followed if your engagement is strong, but you will also be able to get many likes and comments.

Indeed, you can calculate engagement rate = (number of likes + number of comments) / number of followers. You need to check your daily engagement rate and take action, such as improving your photo if it’s down.

Number of likes & comments: 

The number of likes is also significant. Users like the photo when they like it. There should be growth in the quality and content of the photo if the number of likes is small. This is the number you want to increase instagram followers.

Now that the number of followers and likes has increased let’s worry about the number of comments. The higher the number of words, the higher the engagement rate from followers. In order to increase the number of comments, it is necessary to devise not only high-quality photos and contents but also text written in captions.

Clicks & posting time: 

It’s imperative to know how many users click on an ad link in an Instagram post. For example, if A’s seat has a low CTR and B’s post has a high CTR, the user is likely to be more interested in B’s content, which can be used as a reference for future content creation.

The reaction of Instagram users changes greatly depending on the posting time. Let’s change the posting time setting according to the target of Instagram ads. Even for students and working people, the time zone for checking Instagram changes intensely.

Conversion rate: 

It is just as important as the number of clicks as the conversion rate. Conversion is the final result defined in advance, and typical examples are “purchase of products,” “request for materials,” “inquiries,” and “member registration.”

It is possible to calculate the numerical value by the conversion rate formula = (number of conversions ÷ number of visitors). This can be a reference for thinking about what kind of content is suitable for increasing the conversion rate.

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