7 smart strategies for small businesses to win the branding game on social media

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What’s the one innovation of the past decade? 

For me, it’s social media small businesses. 

Can you even imagine a life without selfies small businesses, check-ins, and videos going viral with a firestorm of outrageous comments that didn’t exist earlier? 

Created by a tech-nerd, Facebook’s core principle is to stay in touch with friends and look into what they are up to. 

Along the way,small businesses social media has revolutionized the way marketing is done. The ability to reach a global audience without any heavy advertising is just promising. 

It is social media that have catapulted small brands and gave them instant stardom. But less is talked about the brands with profiles that have frozen followers and a few dozen followers. 

Let’s unleash some strategies that will help brand managers to survive and increase their market small businesses share in an unlimited digital space. 

A strong social media presence is crucial for every brand. You might be aware of this, but you are not getting the results you want due to the wrong approach of branding on social media. 

Mastering social media is not rocket science. A combination of common sense can get you a long way. Here are some tips that will help you to win on social media. 

  1. Deliver Value, not ads

People connect with your on social media small businesses because of what value you offer to them. They might want to know the latest happenings inside your company- the sales and promotion. So, it would help if you were more interesting than others. Posts that convey company culture along with promotional offers. 

The last thing you want is to overwhelm your followers with predictable ads. Focus on engagement, value addition, and in between some ads won’t hurt. 


  1. Ask Help from Influencers 

Social media small businesses influences are the hand-down approach to win followers on social media. There are exceptions, of course, but nearly every brand can use influencers for branding. 

Figure out the social media platforms where your audience lives and then pick social media influencers from that social network. Reach these influencers and make a deal with them. 

We are living in an era where people blindly follow their celebrities. When they shout out your product, people will rush to your website to buy the product. 


  1. Think Ahead of Organic Reach

The decline of organic reach on Facebook raised severe problems for marketers. The new rule force you to pay to play. First, it was Facebook, and now Instagram is also operating with the same algorithm. 

It would help if you combined Facebook and Instagram audience to stay at the front. And advertising options provide a vast opportunity to get traffic and generate leads. Once you develop a winning campaign, you need to replicate the process. 

  1. Stay Consistent at all Times 

There are plenty of automation tools in the market that can help you to manage your posting on social media, but if you cross a line, things can do down the hill. Imagine if you follow a brand, and the next thing you know is flooding your timeline with promotional posts. If you don’t like it, no one else will either. 

The only thing that you need to remember is to stay consistent with your posts. The people who design logos understands this best. If they don’t show consistency with the logo, there is a chance that people will find it difficult to recall the brand. 

So, the primary thing to remember is to stay consistent with your posts and graphics, engaging your followers instead of annoying them. 

  1. Listen to Complaints And Resolve Them Fast 

Social media has become the ultimate medium to check reviews about a brand. Instead of sending an email, people now send a Facebook message or a tweet to get attention from a brand. And if a brand makes them wait, then they might face a severe reputation problem. 

Listen to customers with an open heart and clear mind. If a consumer is criticizing something on social media, ask them about the issue and resolve it painlessly. Don’t ever delete or ignore the comment, or it can set a storm that you cannot control. 

If you still have any doubts, visit the social media pages of famous brands and see how they are responding to their angry customers. Read the thread and respond like they are responding. 


  1. Understand the Analytics 

Still, it is hard to believe that most of the brands still don’t use social analytics, and yet they complain that social media doesn’t work for them. On Facebook Page, Insights and Twitter analytics can provide all the necessary information that you need to understand your customers. 

Check these analytics daily, and it will be easy to stay on top of your campaigns. Throwing random posts and expecting results is a foolish approach that you cannot afford to make. What type of posts engages your customers? What content type is getting most clicks? Learn about how your audience is responding to each post and optimize your posts accordingly. 

  1. -Do One Thing Well

Imagine if you dedicate and limit the time on several social media platforms, will you be able to focus entirely on one platform? That would be a total waste of your precious time. 

Instead, pick one social media platform that most of your target market use and get busy on penetrating on that platform. For instance, someone who owns a flower shop can generate more traffic from Instagram and Pinterest rather than Twitter or Facebook. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is useless for this brand. 

In the end, social media is all about showcasing your products to the world. If people are not engaging, it means you need to change your strategy. Keep trying until people start engaging with your posts. And when people start recognizing you from social media, they will be happy to share their experiences with family and friends. It’s your job to give them an experience of their lifetime. 

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