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Best Practices For Marketing Your Service On Social Media

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Social media marketing is now effectively the dominant method for marketing any service or brand. This is because marketers have determined that social media offers the best chance for reaching a high number of users. After all, if everyone is spending time each evening browsing Facebook or checking their TikTok For You feed, then they’re more likely to see your ads if you place them on those services rather than relying on traditional marketing methods, right?

With that said, marketing your brand or service on social media doesn’t mean you can simply set up an account, start posting, and expect the benefits to roll in. There are best practices for doing so, and it’s important to stick to those practices if you want to see the best results. We’ve put together a guide on best social media marketing practices so that you don’t make some of the rookie mistakes that wrong-foot many businesses. Here, without further ado, are the best ways to market yourself on social media.

Use every service

The first and most obvious best practice for social media marketing is to use every single service available to you. There’s no point in marketing yourself on social media if you aren’t trying to reach everyone you possibly can, so make sure you set up a profile for yourself on every major service. It’s also important to keep an eye on which services are most popular at any given time, because those should be where you focus your attention; new services can appear and old ones can fall away at any time, so be vigilant!

Build followers any way you can

When you’re trying to get eyes on your content as a brand or business, it stands to reason that you should get followers and likes however possible. Let’s say you’re building a TikTok ad campaign, for example. What’s the best way to get free Social Followers? Follower services could help, as could reaching out to influencers to get them to promote you; it’s up to you to build followers, but the more people who can see your videos and comment on them, the more chance you’ll get of converting those followers into commerce for yourself.

Know your demographics

No marketer can ever please everyone under the sun. Any good business should already have worked out a business strategy that includes a target demographic, and those are the people you should be focusing on trying to market yourself to on social media. Conducting extensive market research to understand what your core demographic wants from their advertising is critical. You could achieve this via an email survey campaign, for example, or simply by trying to talk to people of the right age and status. However you do it, make sure you’re not making basic demographic mistakes.

Understand people’s opinion of you

When you start to build a profile for your brand, people will inevitably start talking about you. It’s a good idea to keep your ear to the ground so you know what they’re saying. Is the general impression of your brand positive or negative? If it’s positive, great; what you’re doing is working. If not, how can you change that? What, specifically, are people saying about your business, and how can you rectify the problem? Knowing how people think of you is crucial, because if you don’t, you can make tone-deaf decisions that could make existing problems much worse.

Talk to your customers

If anyone @s you on social media, you need to respond as quickly as you can. Sometimes, people will just be trying to troll you, and it stands to reason that you don’t need to worry about those comments. However, if people have legitimate grievances or complaints, then you should make sure you’re on top of those to as much of a degree as you possibly can. If people think you’re ignoring them or that you don’t care what they think, that’s definitely not going to foster long-term brand loyalty. The only way you can get people on-side is to listen to them and deal with their enquiries promptly.

Watch analytics like a hawk

Any business worth its salt should be watching its social media metrics to see what’s working and what isn’t. Sometimes, you’ll start a campaign that just doesn’t gain the kind of ground it should. That’s fine; it’s completely normal for an ad campaign not to build momentum. However, you should be watching exactly what went wrong and trying to rectify it for your next campaign. Where could you make improvements? Are there any messages that fell flat? If so, these are the areas you need to focus on for your next campaign. Analytics are everything when it comes to social media marketing.

Post at the right times

Just like any influencer, your brand needs to make sure it’s posting at the right time if you want to maximize exposure and engagement. These times aren’t the same for everyone; while TikTok, for example, has “ideal times to post”, these differ depending on which demographic you’re going for. Each service will have a different “best time”, so again, watch your analytics closely to see what times are performing best. Build your campaign around these times and make sure you’re putting out ads at the times that best suit your campaign goals. There’s no surefire way to guarantee people will see your posts, but this is as close as you’re going to get to doing that.  

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