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Wind Power vs Solar: Which One Is Better For My Home?

Wind Power vs Solar

If you are looking to take your home off-grid, then you may be debating between wind power vs solar. Learn about which one is the better option for your home.

Only about 11% of the power we consume in America comes from a renewable source. The rest of it comes from mostly fossil fuels.

Yet if we want a better future for the planet, we need to switch to renewable energy. Wind and solar power are the two most promising sources of renewable energy.

So in the wind power vs solar power debate, who wins? There’s a lot of factors to consider, so let’s dive in.

Let’s Look at Solar Power

Solar power works by absorbing sunlight into specialized cells and converting it into usable energy. For it to work, you need to live in a place that gets plenty of sunlight. You also need to make sure your roof is facing the right direction to get the most sun.

Solar power is perfect for a lot of homes especially in urban areas because they’re small, versatile, and quiet.

However, solar panels have a high upfront cost that can hold a lot of people back. They’re also taxing to build, generate less energy, and still release a small amount of carbon.

A solar company can help you get the best solar power system for your needs.

Let’s Look at Wind Power

Wind power works by strong wind currents blowing over big fans, forcing them to spin. The spinning turns a generator, which creates electricity. It is possible to get a small residential wind turbine for about the same cost as solar.

Wind power is way more efficient than solar. One wind turbine can generate the same amount of power as 48,704 solar panels. Overall, they’re less polluting than solar and aren’t reliant on the sun so they can generate power day or night.

However, wind energy isn’t practical in big cities where power is needed most because they take up massive amounts of space. They’re also loud, and arguably ugly. Turbines are also known to kill flying creatures like birds and bats, and old turbines are hard to dispose of.

Consider Where You Live

The type of renewable energy you choose will depend almost entirely on where you live. Wind power is best if you live in a rural area with a good chunk of land and steady winds.

But if you’re more suburban or urban, solar energy is likely your only real option.

To answer the great wind power vs solar power debate, the answer is it’s good to have options.

Choosing Wind Power vs Solar Power Depends On Where You Live

When debating wind power vs solar power, the answer isn’t straightforward, and that’s a good thing. Having more than one option allows you to truly choose the best source for you.

When you debate wind and solar power, the biggest factor will be where you live. Wind energy won’t work in still air, and solar won’t work in dark places. The good news is at least one option should work for you.

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