Why Are Blue Light Glasses A Necessity

Blue Light Glasses

Do you ever feel pinching pain in your eyes after spending hours on games in front of a screen? Do you also experience water coming out of your eyes after a prolonged gaming session? If yes, then the reason behind this is the blue light rays that a screen emits, which can cause tremendous damage to the eyes. Today we’ll discuss the negative impacts of gaming on our eyes, and how digital glasses play an influential role in eye protection. 

If you are a gamer, you can continue playing after taking proper precautions. Eye strain problems can easily be solved with the help of blue light glasses. Yes, you read that right! Now you can grab some miracle specs online and continue to enjoy gaming without putting your eyes into trouble. 

Even if you don’t have prescription glasses, you must still use blue light glasses, also known as gaming glasses, to protect your eyes from damage. Also, if you use prescription glasses, then you should make sure that those glasses have an added blue light filter coating.

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What are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue wavelengths are useful for us during the daylight but it can be troublesome after sundown. These wavelengths surely help us in being attentive, but extensive exposure to it can lead to a lot of health hazards.

All the digital devices vent out harmful blue rays which result in dry eyes and eye strain. With the help of blue light glasses or computer glasses, these health hazards can be prevented up to some extent.

Did you think that blue light only causes harm to the eyes? If yes, then you’re highly mistaken. Listed below are the 3 health hazards that people face after extended use of digital devices-

1. Insomnia

When the exposure of blue wavelengths increases, the body gets more and more attentive. This causes the body to reduce the production of the sleep hormone called melatonin. Increased exposure to digital devices causes insomnia. Sleep deprivation must have been faced by plenty of people due to lockdown. The period of quarantine has glued people to their devices to be it work or social media or spending time on Netflix. The scientific reason behind insomnia in people is mostly due to the increase of blue light absorption in our eyes. Blue rays emitted from the screen penetrate in the retina causing various discomfort along with ceasing the release of sleep inducing hormone melatonin. This hormone is reliable for our sleeping and waking cycle, so hindering its release makes us less likely to feel sleepiness even late at night. 

Without a proper sleep schedule, a person can become bad-tempered, unproductive and can also suffer from depression.

2. Headaches

Binging shows or playing games on various digital devices can make your headaches especially migraine headaches worse as the eye strain puts a lot of pressure on the nerves. If nothing is done for reducing the strain, then sometimes the pain gets so worse that medical assistance is required to cure it.

3. Diabetes and Obesity

Not being able to sleep disturbs the entire schedule of a person. Being awake at night will only lead to late-night cravings. This can also make a person obese, resulting in diabetes.

Blue Light Filter Glasses: The Ultimate Remedy

If you think that computer glasses are just gimmick glasses then that’s not true at all. These glasses act as a shield against the blue light that harms the eye and gives a smooth gaming experience to the user.

The next time you sit for a match, don’t forget to wear your blue light glasses. These glasses will block the incoming blue light rays – similar to what you do with your opponent! With no rays entering your eyes, you experience enhanced comfort, protection and relaxation while performing any activity on the screen. Without these glasses, your eyes are under a severe threat of blue light rays. And the greatest weapon for eliminating such harmful damage to the eyes is only done by the use of protective lenses. Not to forget, you get these glasses in iconic styles ranging from round glasses, tortoiseshell, marble frames, or minimalistic metals. The protection and fashion in blue light glasses stays pretty tight. 

Specscart offers a huge variety of glasses in different shapes and frames in which blue light filter coating can be added. It’s the ultimate place to find the highest quality blue light glasses in the UK at an unbeatable price range along with some fashionable frames, just in case if you wanted to look good in them. An added benefit with all glasses at Specscart is that they come with anti-UV, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection coatings at no extra cost.

The best part about ordering through Specscart is that they have a free Try at the Home facility. You get a one-week free home trial of four frames. Shipping is free both ways and they offer no question asked returns.

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