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Dossiers Perfumes

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About Dossier

Dossiers was founded in September 2018 by Daniel after he had enough of the expensive perfumes. He researched for years and years about the manufacturing of the luxury perfumes and after so much research he was able to create the same luxury perfumes at a very low cost when comparing to the branded perfumes and the fun part is he done it by using better ingredients then the brands.

With this new finding Daniel considered as a great opportunity to do business so he introduced dossier in 2019 and opened a store at a virtual market place through ecommerce. Since then this brands had huge success by providing the high quality products as promised and people loved the high quality feel of the luxury scents they could not afford to purchase and make it part of their daily life. They were able to get this success without having to do attractive packing or without paying big celebrity endorsements.

Transparency about the ingredients

Dossier are pretty much visible about their ingredients and formulas which are not harmful and they doesn’t not contain any carcinogens as some people have breathing problems to some fragrances. The ingredients used in them are complete natural when we compare them to their overpriced luxury perfumes.

Vegan and cruelty free

The brand is transparent vegan and cruelty free about the sources of the ingredients they use in their each product and how they priced their product. They also provide the detailed information about the industry of fragrance and how they operate.

Dossiers are eco-friendly

Dossiers are also environment friendly as there all products use the recycled material and they provide high quality fragrances by saving the cost other perfume brands spend on their packing and attractive bottles.

Lasting impression

Now we can have this discussion that if you smell good you’ll feel confident, attractive and these two things can lead you to have a lasting impression in the people memories that if you meet someone after a while the memory clicks of other person that he/she smells good and it is very likely that you’ll have a positive response.

A good bottle of fragrance is considered as an important accessory that always adds value to your lifestyle and your wardrobe. The perfumes are getting famous with every passing day as they help you fight with the monsters of bad odors and give a positive push to your confidence.

High quality at affordable prices

Dossier perfumes are available at affordable prices if you want to enjoy the premium fragrances at the reasonable prices dossier is a blessing for you.

Dossier perfumes high quality really impressed a lot of people as they are highly rated when it comes to there the fragrances they replicate the fragrances of many branded perfumes they also make exact replica’s and the good thing about is they are completely risk free as we know some people are allergic to the perfumes.

Personal Experience of dossiers

Then comes the question that are they long lasting so the answer is yes they are as from my personal experience for me they are longest lasting perfumes I ever had just one to two sprays can last long for at least 24 hours. They have a very powerful fragrance so if you are highly sensitive to perfumes I would recommend you to choose the one with lighter touch.

I realized the importance of perfume when I met a salesman working at a mall in a fragrance store he changed my entire perspective about the perfumes and after that it became the part of my life and ever since I feel  better and more confident about myself when I am sitting with my friends or travelling somewhere.

Dossier till now are known as high quality product at affordable prices. Dossiers has some amazing aromas which are suitable for the every place and time and event. The variety of the perfumes is pretty impressive.

My Recommendation

 So I would say that it had a very positive change in my life if would suggest that you should go for it too. I would strongly recommend you to just give it a try I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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