Top 7 Things to Do Before Your Vacation


One of life’s greatest joys is the opportunity to get away from the daily tasks we do on automatic, escape to another part of the world and immerse ourselves in rest, adventure and carefree travel life. Whether the upcoming vacation is in an all-inclusive hotel or on a hike with challenging weather conditions, the preparation for the week before the trip will be about the same. Besides packing your suitcase and setting up an auto responder on your work email, consider 7 other important points that will save you from unnecessary worries on your trip.

Keep All the Information You Need in One Place

If you’re not one for spontaneous travel who loves journeys that are as random as results at a casino online, you’ve probably put a lot of work into preparing your trip and planning all the steps. Confirmations of reservations, tickets for excursions, vouchers and itinerary maps are better to have them in one place, preferably both in electronic form and in hard copy – in case you might not have access to a network at some point during the trip. Double-check all the dates, hours, and locations to make sure you’re sure you’re in the right place at the right time and that you’re guaranteed to get to your destination without incident.

Organize Pet Care

Unfortunately, going on vacation with your beloved pets isn’t always possible. If your furry friend stays at home, think about their care in advance and decide who will take care of them while you’re away. Make an arrangement with a friend and prepare a spare set of keys for her and buy everything she needs. Place food and toys in the house so your dog or cat can easily find them. If you decide to give your four-legged friend to someone else’s home, prepare an appropriate amount of food, toys, bowls and provide clear instructions on your pet’s daily schedule, vet number and contact in case of questions. Knowing that your furry family member is in good hands will allow you to completely relax and not burden yourself with unnecessary worry.

Notify Your Workplace of Your Absence

Even though you let your team know about your vacation in advance, remind all important employees a week before you leave so you have time to close out all tasks, avoid last-minute unexpected requests, and avoid distractions from corporate chats on vacation. This is especially true for those whose absence will affect the work of the entire team.

Prepare In-flight or Seaside Entertainment

Both a perfect day at the beach and a long flight will be much more fun with a good playlist or a new book. The week before departure, download your favorite podcasts, music, audio or e-books so you don’t have to waste time on it right before boarding your flight or going to the beach. By the way, many streaming services and reading apps allow you to download shows and movies directly to your device so that they are available for viewing in airplane mode.

Take Cash

In today’s world, we’re used to relying on plastic cards and contactless payment methods, so it can be easy to forget to take cash on a trip. Nevertheless, it’s necessary: there’s always the risk of being far from an ATM or exchange office and without an Internet connection.

Make a List of All the Last-minute Items You Need to Pack

Almost all clothes, shoes and travel cosmetics are easy to pack in advance, yet quite a few items on your list are always on hand until the last minute. These items include your phone, watch, chargers, favorite beauty products, passports, glasses, and wallet. In order not to find yourself in a stressful situation on the way to the airport, make in advance a list of items that are important not to forget before leaving home.

Do Some Cleaning

The week before a vacation most often feels like a race. While packing your suitcase, making travel arrangements, and other urgent matters can plunge your home into real chaos. We recommend taking care of the cleaning at least two days before your trip-returning already threatens post-holiday depression, so try to leave the house a cozy place so that your only post-trip activities are unpacking and doing laundry.

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