Know What Your Jewellery Says About You


First impressions can be highly deceptive but surely they leave a lingering train of thought about you. The kind of clothes you wear, the tones and hues of makeup you put on and the nature of accessories that is dear to you is a great reflection of your personality. While you must not feel conscious about how you come across as a person just because of your choice of clothing. However, you can always use it to put up an impressive and elegant outfit for important events of your life.

Whether it is an office event where need to level up your connections, your wedding day, or a weekend party with friends, it is highly essential that you must be able to find the right set of pendants, bracelets, earrings online that work well with your outfit and most importantly is appropriate for the occasion. Once you learn to dress up according to the occasion, there is nothing that cannot pull off. The following is a list of pointers suggested by experts to deconstruct the characteristics of your personality by simply analyzing the jewellery you put on.

  • Minimalistic Jewellery

The girl with a minimalistic approach to her dress and her jewellery is someone who loves to practice the skill of balance in her life. As minimalistic jewellery can be considered as the perfect amalgamation of stylish and versatile. People with a minimalistic approach to life do not like things to be over the top. Mixed metals along with perfectly coordinated sparkle are your jam but there is no possible way that you will settle for the over glam bling. As per the experts, if you are someone who is inclined to a minimalistic style of jewellery, it is likely that you enjoy ordering much more than chaos and want things only to be a certain way.

  • Funky Jewellery

The funky jewellery usually includes big hoop earrings, dangling pendants, multiple rings. You might find it a tad bit difficult to find accessories such as pendants, jhumka earrings online for you because you like to stand out in a group of people. Others usually find it difficult to align with your choices but this is what makes you unique and even the life of the party. This at times stems from a feeling of jealousy in people but you never let them throw their shade at you for this. You are bubbly, highly social and find it easy to create a bond with others.

  • The professional chic

You treat everything as a responsibility even if it comes to choosing the right set of jewellery. Colour-coordinated jewellery is your go-to jam. You would rather buy jewellery sets and not mix and match different sets of jewellery. These characteristics are usually observed in strong career-oriented women who like to have everything sorted in a particular order to make it convenient.

  • The trendsetter girl boss

You are someone who does not shy away from the bold choice in life. While many people would run right away on spotting neon sneakers but you are someone who would run right ahead in order to grab them before anyone else gets them and you can surely pull them off. Whether it is the dangling necklace or a fun choker, you can make it work.

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