How Popular Types of Heels Are Trending in 2020 – Just Check It!

Popular types are heals

There are various types of heels trending are available in the market and each some unique features that will attract your attention. However, the purpose of wearing heels is to highlight your personality on any occasion. 

Heels are a must for women when they are going out either with their friends or family. But keep in mind that heels should not be worn for a long time because it can painful your toes. It should be worn on special occasions such as parties, discos, wedding ceremonies, dates, etc. You can try shoes or sneakers if you are going out for a long time though. Brands like Nike, Addidas, and Loom offer a great range of sneakers that you can try out. Loom is worth checking out as it’s a pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable and on top of all, vegan friendly. You definitely want to check out to these vegan sneakers!

You might have seen the fashion world; heels are given more priority than normal sandals. However, many women wear heels just to look taller. It is completely dependent upon them. 

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How Popular Types of Heels are Trending in 2020 – Just Check it

Heels are trending in 2020 and you must have it in your wardrobe if you are a regular candidate to wear stylish accessories. Therefore, here are the different types of heels that are attracting the attention of many.

1. French Heels

French heels are very popular among teenagers. They are mostly worn with western outfits. These heels trending are widely known as Louis Heels and Pompador Heels.

These heels are short and have some curves in it. The curve of the French is at the bottom part, a thin in the middle, and wide at the top. This is how this sandal makes it different as compared to other heeled sandals.

2. Comma Heels 

Very few know about comma heels and it is truly very stylish and fashionable footwear. The heel trending in this sandal is in the form of a comma and that is why it is referred to as comma heels.

The best part about this sandal is that anyone can wear it because the heel is not very high. You can wear this heel with every kind of outfits and it is very popular among women. On the other hand, if your wardrobe is demanding new types of heels then this is your best choice in 2020.

3. Cuban Heels

Cuban heels are another popular type of heels that are found in various designs and colors. These are the best heels that you must have in 2020. 

It features a slight taper from top to bottom and the heel is very solid in appearance. Cuban heels are typically short to medium in height and found on closed shoes, loafers, oxford, ankle boots, etc. These types of heels are best for long-distance travel and you must have this in your wardrobe.

4. Block Heels 

Block heels are popular all over the world and they have a solid heel that distributes your body weight. This heel will be very comfortable while walking and have a thick appearance. 

Block heels are popular all over the world and mostly worn by women of all age groups. You can wear this heel with any outfit that you have at present and it is available in multiple colors.

5. Cork High Heels

Cork high heels are very popular in the fashion industry. These are the favorite heels of even celebrities. It will uplift your personality more in front of others. These are the best types of heels that you have in your wardrobe.

The unique design of this heel will grab all attention for a while. If you are searching for the best heels for this valentine’s day then this heel should be in your preferred list. It has all the features that a heel should have at present. For short girls, this heel is an advantage for you because it will make you look taller.

On the other hand, this heel is made from the cork material. The height and style of this heel can vary. 

6. Cone Heels

Cone heels are another popular type of heels that are very popular among women. These heels are called cone heels because the heel is in the shape of a cone.

The base of the cone heel is narrow at the base and has a wide at the sole of the foot. The design and the style of this heel will make you look attractive and beautiful. This heel is popular globally. 

7. Wedge Heels 

There are two types of wedge footwear, one is wedge sandal and the other is a wedge heel. Both are unique in their own way. You will find wedge heels in various colors and designs.

You can wear this heel with short skirts, one-piece, jeans, etc. The best advantage of wearing this heel is that it is very easy in walking as compared to high heels or pencil heels.

8. Stilettos

Stiletto is a preferred choice of women who belong to the fashion industry or modelling. This is one of the highest heels and the height is about eight inches long. 

If you are comfortable wearing high heels then you can choose this heel for every special occasion. This is one of my favourite pairs of sandals that I always carry with me for the special events.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the best types of heels in 2020 that are trendy at present. All the above heels have some unique features. On the other hand, buy heels according to your convenience. 

Don’t buy heels if you are not comfortable while wearing it otherwise, it will a waste of money for you. So, there are many considerations that you need to keep in mind while wearing a heel for any occasion.


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