Styling voile curtains

Voile Curtains

Voile curtains styling modern, offer a lot of style, and evoke elegance –no wonder these home décor favourites are trending. One of the brilliant things about voile curtains is the barely-there appearance – they decorate our windows, but don’t obscure the light. So, practicality and great looks.

With voiles in mind, we present you with a few styling tips that will help you decorate your windows perfectly.

What Are They?

Do you remember traditional net curtains? Yes, the kind your mother loved. Well, voiles are a modern take on these. For one, voile curtains styling are very lightweight. They are also semi-sheer or sheer, hence the privacy they offer, but not at the cost of blocking out the light. In this respect, sheer voile curtains offer more visibility than semi-sheer.

Where knitting is used in net curtains, voile curtains are woven. This gives the voile fabric a very smooth, elegant, and sleek finish. They do feel wonderful to the touch.

Where Are They Used?

Voiles are an ideal replacement for your net curtains. They are lighter, look and feel better, are easier to wash, and offer you options in terms of transparency. Overall, voile curtains are superior to traditional net curtains in every respect.

Naturally, you can use voile curtains styling everywhere you’d use the net alternatives. Net curtains, however, are mostly used on windows. If in some cases, they’re used on sliding doors, bi-folds, and French doors. However, they are somewhat bulky and don’t feel too nice to the touch, which is why many homeowners choose not to use them there.

Voile curtains are different. They smoothly align with sliding, French, and bi-fold doors, without any problems. They are easy to move when you’re trying to pass through the door, and both look and feel great. But voiles are also a brilliant idea for kitchen-diners, living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms that are better off kept light and bright.

Do They Keep the Sunlight Out?

Yes, voile curtains give you privacy, especially if you go with semi-sheers. But everything that blocks out the view, blocks out the light, right? Well, this truly is the case with net curtains – the pieces of knitted fabric don’t allow for a lot of sunlight to infiltrate.

Voile curtains don’t just block out the light altogether – they diffuse it without completely dimming your entire room or home. Even with indirect sunlight, they allow a lot to filter through – almost like a bare window would. Of course, sheer voile curtains offer more sunlight.

Do They Keep the Heat Inside?

To a certain extent, yes, voile curtains will help you retain some of the heat in your home. They definitely offer more insulation than a bare window itself or net curtains. However, voile curtains aren’t built for insulation – only supporting it.

On their own, voiles won’t be able to insulate your home. However, when used in combination with other insulation products, they definitely help.

Voiles Plus Nets?

As stated above, voiles are superior to nets in almost every department. The only exception is blocking out the light. Although semi-sheer voile curtains will block out more light than sheer voiles, they will still let a lot of it infiltrate. For most people, this is a good thing –as you want the vitamin D-rich sunlight to enter your home.

However, when it comes to dimming your room, voile curtains won’t do much good. This is where net curtains and fabric curtains overall reign supreme.

But why not use the two in combination? Well, as a matter of fact, curtains with thick fabric complement voile curtains very nicely. The combo emphasises cosiness and warmth. Keep the fabric curtains pulled to the sides and block out the view using voiles. This way, a lot of sunlight will enter the house, without compromising your privacy, while enabling you to dim the room according to your preference. Plus, the combination looks aesthetically pleasing.

How to Style Voiles

The idea of voile curtains isn’t much different than that of traditional net curtains. However, voiles are superior in almost every way possible. The only thing the net/fabric curtains are better at is dimming the room. For that reason, why not use the two in combination to achieve wonderful home décor results?

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