Simple Ways To Personalize Your Wedding


Couples are spending more money to get the wedding of their dreams. According to a survey, the average wedding in the US cost nearly $34,000 in 2019, and it included all the major expenses, such as the ceremony, the reception and the engagement ring. Having a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception is the key to an unforgettable celebration, and this is why so many couples are going all out to ensure that they have the best of everything on their special day. However, it’s also important to put your personal touch on your special day to make it memorable and distinctively yours. Make your wedding even more distinct and memorable by gifting yourselves a beautifully detailed map of where you and your partner met. Start your personalized Where We Met Map on this link To create a wedding that’s true to you and your loved one, here are a few simple ways to personalize your wedding.  

Make a wedding playlist

The right music can set the vibe of your wedding. While you can certainly hire a DJ to make a cool mix of songs to get everyone dancing at the reception, why not create a wedding playlist to make the day more meaningful for you? Include music that represents your relationship and play it at key moments, such as during the bride’s walk down the aisle. You may also ask the DJ to play a particular track once you make your debut as husband and wife at the reception. Your favorite songs to dance to should also be on the reception playlist – make sure to get your partner’s input on the music, and consider including dance music from the 70s up to the hits of today so that everyone will be encouraged to hit the dance floor.    

Include elements of your hobby in your wedding

Perhaps you and your loved one are fans of the great outdoors, or maybe both of you are into classical Hollywood cinema. To give your wedding a personal touch, consider including elements of your hobby or interests in your celebration. For instance, if you love old musical films, you can hire performers to recreate “Singin’ In The Rain” in the style of Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds. Meanwhile, those who love to sail can have a nautical-themed wedding. If you don’t want to center your wedding around a specific theme, you can include little aspects here and there just to make your special day more you. Don’t forget to add the perfect cloth on the tables because it can easily change the vibe. Search for table covers wholesale to come across the best items on the web for your wedding.

Personalize your favors

Instead of buying generic wedding favors, try giving away things that symbolize your lifestyle as a couple. Perhaps you met your loved one at a coffee shop and you’ve been going to the same place ever since – so why not give beautifully packaged coffee beans from that shop as favors? Or maybe both of you love to garden. If that’s the case, you can paint little pots, place mini succulents or flowering plants in them, and give them away at the reception. Your guests will appreciate the thought that went into these favors, and will treasure them long after your wedding day.

Making your wedding more personal can make it more meaningful for you, your significant other, and all the people who will be present on your special day. Try these tips to personalize your wedding, and enjoy putting your personal touch on your celebration!

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