Right flowers can make your wedding special


Flowers can do a lot of magic, and especially on occasions like weddings, it can make the whole atmosphere beautiful and serene. A catchy floral decoration is what can grab the attention of the guests and lift up their mood. A beautiful flower bouquet in the hand of a beautiful bride can add a bit more to your look. 

Choosing flowers for your wedding can be tricky sometimes. So here we are helping you out to choose the perfect floral decoration for your special day. Also, you can go and book your flowers on Interflora’s website as they not only have a pretty good collection of flowers but also provide their customers with Interflora discount code. 

Go for Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are easily available, and they look fresh and beautiful. Moreover, they are cheaper and will be in full bloom at that time. What you need to do is just check your wedding month and then choose which flower is available at that time and pick from them. Seasonal flowers are not only beautiful but also can be got easily without any scarcity.

Venue Matters

Your wedding venue can influence your floral wedding decoration a lot. Choose flowers in contrast to the venue. If it is a garden or park, then keep minimum flowers as the venue already has lots of flowers. 

Match with your Look

Before choosing flowers for the decoration or the bride’s bouquet, make sure it is going with your wedding look. If the decoration doesn’t go with the bride and bride groom’s look, then the whole thing can look very odd.

Choose a florist

First and foremost thing you need to do is to choose a good florist who will be able to handle the whole decoration properly. A right florist with his creative idea can make the whole décor wonderful. Put your choices and what you want in front of him and see him create magic. Showing images of the kind of decoration you want can also help your florist out. 

Type of flower

Type of flower matters a lot as many flowers with strong fragrance can make you and your guests sneeze throughout the day, so keep that in mind. Some flowers can cause allergies, so try to avoid them. Go for flowers which are loved by all and are common yet beautiful.


Colour is a crucial factor here. Fix the colour of the flower and then go for your wedding gown or fix your wedding gown then go for the colour of the flower. Choose a colour which will look sober and soothe your eyes. If you are going for two many colours, then choose the colour combinations carefully.


Firstly, fix a budget. Tell your florist about your budget on flower and then choose accordingly. Go for the flower and the type of decoration that is best within your budget.


The scent of the flower can always set the mood. Go for the ones that have a vibrant and pleasant scent. Choose those flower whose scent won’t fade away over time.


Keep the theme in mind while choosing the flowers. The flowers should go with the theme; otherwise, it will look odd and out of contrast.

So, waiting for what? Go and grab their exclusive deals and collections by using the Interflora discount code. If the points mentioned above are kept in mind and followed then it might help you in getting the right flowers for your special day and make it more special.

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