How To Display Pins And Buttons For A Better Personality

Pins And Buttons

Personality grooming is an art, and not everyone is an artist. However, enamel pins and buttons allow an amazing chance for those who want to make their personality outclass. For this, you need to think out of the box and utilize your talent for designing and modifying enamel pins.

Just like everyone, you must have some hobbies, and collecting enamel pins is also a habit. Since my childhood, I used to collect many little things, including enamel pins.

When I was scrolling around my collection, I got to know that my container does not have more space for pins. That day was a turning point when I decided to display pins and buttons to showcase my personality type.

Discussing with my friend, I chose several options to display my collection in different ways. Let’s have a look at some possibilities given out there:


Yes, a jacket is one of the most common things that we go through every day. You can play with lots of pins and buttons to display on your jacket. You can design an older jacket with your collection of pins.

These pins can include soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, die-struck pins, screen printed pins, etc. keep in mind that each pin you display represents what kind of personality you have. So, be careful while choosing and wearing a pin to put on the jacket.

Remember, these designed jackets are not for little kids as they can harm themselves or the jacket. If you want to design for the kids, try using pins with a back lock so it does not fall off.


Other than your outfits, you can display your collection using a container, jar, or bowl. Usually, kids love playing with a bunch to find what is hidden there. When you put those pins in a box, you must cover them with a tight lid.

Also, try finding a container with a bigger mouth so that anyone can quickly put a hand in it to see their favorite pin or button.


For a huge collection of pins, you must put it on a tray. You can use an older tray at your home. If you have many designs to display, there must be enough space for them.

Cork Board

Another excellent option to display buttons and pins is a corkboard. Basically, cork is an easy-to-approach material. You might have a couple of cork floor tiles, mats, or jar holders to make a fabulous collection. For boards, coasters are the best option.

With a corkboard, you can display pins beautifully. The spongy character of cork gives you a chance to set pins. Try putting the pins slowly, or else you might get in trouble.

Using paint, you can make a cork enamel pin board hang on the wall later.

DIY Frame Display

Well, you have plenty of options to choose from, from a container to a corkboard. Other than these options, you can make something unique such as a DIY table that lets you display all kinds of pins and buttons.  

Flags and Pennants

Have you ever thought of wearing pennants designed by you?

Pennants are a fantastic idea to display your custom enamel pins to show personality. Ranging from flags to pennants, you can make simple collections more eye-catchy.

Pedestal Stand

Actually, pedestal stands are made for desserts, and they tend to use in terms of colorful display options. You can use them for displaying buttons as well. Making a two-layered dessert stand lets you showcase your art ultimately.

Embroidery Hoop

You may call it an additional layer of pennant display. With an embroidery hoop, you can develop customized pin displays. For this, you need some fabric and a hoop from an online store or nearby store.

Ultimately, it can be a fun thing to make using an embroidery hoop. This easy-crafted and straightforward display is not expensive at all.

Find Something Bigger

Get yourself on the work and find some related art accessories. Hurry up and make it fast. You are the owner of your design, so don’t let others steal it. Make a remarkable piece of artistry and display your pins and buttons while grooming your personality.

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