Cox Home Security: Keeping Your House Safe and Secure With Modern Gadgets


Cox Home Security. The whole idea of having a smart home in modern gadgets times is to have a place equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure maximum security. If you have managed to build a house that has everything for your and your loved ones’ comfort, but does not fulfill the security standards required for the world we live in, all your efforts can go in vain.

The modern gadgets world is all about making life easy. With the trend towards low maintenance and smart homes, certainly, people are not second-guessing investing to up their lifestyle. And let’s be honest, the world we live in constantly demands us to be relevant with the ongoing, acceptable living standard. And not only is comfort but the need for secure living is also extremely essential and worth investing in.

However, when it comes to connecting your smart home with smart security devices, a little weight on the budget should be expected. With a hefty amount required to spend on home safety, it often ends up being the force that drives people into reconsidering their decision. 

But how about finding some of the best home security options that fit best in your pocket? Something that acts as the first-line measure in any comprehensive security plan, usually coming before the need to get AK-47 rifles’ support?

Let us find out some of the best home security devices that don’t force you to reconsider investing in things that are essential for a secure lifestyle:

Cox Home Life Security

Cox’s home life security is hands down the best product on the list. The Cox home life security not only helps you establish a safe and secure home environment but benefits in ways you never thought.

Cox Homelife apart from having top-notch security and safety features has smart features that make your life whole lot easier when connected to your smart home devices.

The Cox home life is a fully equipped device with all the latest features one could ask for. The device then connects to your home energy system, helps in switching on/off of lights and AC before you even enter your home. This feature helps save a lot of energy and keeps your finances in place.

Anyways when it comes to home monitoring and security, the Cox home life system enables its advanced features to maximize its performance. The device helps you monitor your home 24/7 along with providing notification to your cell phone in case someone tries to break into your house when you are away.

This all in one home security device keeps things affordable yet reliable in all ways.

August Smart Lock

How about turning your smartphone into a virtual key to your home? Because having a regular key for home is too mainstream.

August Smart Lock helps you get control of your home in your hand, by literally making your phone a key to your home. But it doesn’t just help both the opening and closing of the door, it helps you get complete details of who has entered your home and when. This happens because the virtual smart lock assigned virtual keys into the system so you can fetch details by identifying the individual keys connected to the system.

Also, you can put the time-sensitive entrance for your friends or guests coming over.

Wireless Hidden Camera

Hidden cameras are the basics of modern gadgets-day living. You simply cannot expect your home to be safe and secure if you are still relying on traditional methods and do not prefer hidden cameras. The wireless motion-activated cameras send push alerts to your smartphone, making the device ten times smarter.

The wireless hidden cameras also feature the no-glow IR night vision, wide-angle, and SD card for keeping the recording even when the device is on charge.

Another good thing about this device is that it can connect to your Wi-Fi so that you can play the recording on your mobile phone while you are accessing the app of the device.


Haven, unlike other key lock mechanisms, sits at the bottom of your door. It blocks even the strongest shoves or forceful entry attempts.

The good part of Haven is that it comes with Bluetooth enabled key fob, which means that when you press it, you can virtually lock and unlock Haven.

Also, Haven can be fully integrated with other smart devices in your home.


Piper is a 1080p camera and recording device that captures videos in 180 degrees and has a built-in motion detector along with a microphone to record even the sound in your house.

If the device finds any unusual activity going around that might sabotage the security of your home, it will make a loud 105 dB siren and also send a notice in your phone via text, email, or even by calling directly.


There is nothing in life more investment-worthy than security tools for your own and your loved ones’ safety. Have a look at all the budget-friendly modern gadgets home security tools to make your life better and secure.

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