How to properly grow your beard

caring for your beard

More and more, men’s fashion trends include a well-maintained grow your beard. Whether a sleek defined beard or a full and lengthy beard, beards have become the major fashion statement of men across the country. To have that same fashionable look, certain steps must be taken.

There can be a lot of challenges when attempting to grow a beard. From preventing the itchiness when starting a beard to keeping the beard looking clean and neat, a beard requires work and a daily routine. This daily routine can help minimize many of the problem’s individuals face when trying to grow a fashionable beard.

Getting Started

Before a person actually grows a beard, it is a good idea for them to understand the process of caring for your beard and how to take care of the skin that will soon be below that beard. Skincare is probably one of the most forgotten yet important parts of growing a proper beard.

It is important to have a skin treatment plan already in place before starting that beard. If the skin is already dry or irritated, the beard will only make the problem worse. Daily face cleansing and moisturizing will help get skin healthy and ready for growing a new beard.

The Last Shave

The first step to preventing the dreaded itchiness of beard growth is in the final shave. When using a razor to shave regularly, the hair edges can be sharp and damage the skin. It can even grow back in on its self, creating irritating ingrown hairs.

The best method for preventing this problem is to let the stubble grow a little on the face, just a day or two is sufficient. Then, remove that hair with an electric razor or trimmers. This keeps the ends of the hair less sharp and unable to penetrate the skin. This will help to reduce much of the common itching.

Keep it Clean

It is important to maintain proper cleanliness throughout the beard-growing process. Any skincare regimen should be continued. Also, be certain to wash and condition the hair of the beard. Never ever use bar soap on the beard or the face for that matter. It can dry out the skin and the hair.

Shampoo and conditioner can be used on the beard just as a person would for the hair on their head. However, there are soaps made specifically for beards that may provide better protection for the hair and the skin.

Persistent Itchiness

If the itchiness continues after the hair begins to grow in, there may be other problems at work. The first step is to check to see if the skin is just dry under the hair. The daily cleaning products may need adjusting to deal with any skin problems. Using conditioner to keep the beard hairs soft can also prevent some of the itching.

Sometimes, irritations and infections can occur under the beard. Fungus or other problems may be posing a problem. There are a variety of creams available that can clear up these types of issues. However, it may be a good idea to speak with a doctor to identify any underlying problem.

Let It Grow

Although it may be tempting to begin immediately shaping a beard to the desired style, it is better to let it grow a bit. Within a few days, most people can get an idea of how their beard will grow on their faces. Sometimes, their beard may seem patchy and thin. This may deter them from continuing or change the style for their face.

This is when patience is important. Just because the first few days seem like the beard will be a scraggly, patchy mess, does not mean it will stay that way. Beard hair tends to grow out thick and curly. This may provide enough hair to fill in any patches in growth. Do not trim the beard for a few weeks to see how the hair will fill in these areas.

Keep It Neat

Although a person should let their beard grow out for a few weeks, that does not mean they should let it become wild. It is important to keep the beard clean and maintained around the edges. There is no need to let a beard grow down their chest or into their eyes.

Even before a perfect style is picked for a beard, men usually know where they want their beards to stop. This makes it important to keep those areas neat and shaven. Always keep the edges trimmed on the cheeks and the neckline. This will make it easier to create the perfect style when the beard is ready.

Choosing a Style

Although many people will often have a particular style in mind before starting to grow the beard, it is always best to wait until the beard has grown out a little before making a decision. Sometimes, the hair does not always grow the way that it is wanted. A little growth can help a person know which styles they can accomplish.

It is also a good idea to find a style that matches the person’s face shape. A beard can work wonders in helping to define a face shape into a more appealing look. For example, a round face can appear leaner and more defined by trimming the sides shorter and leaving the chin a little longer.

Trim and Shape the Beard

Now that the beard is grown in, it is time to begin trimming it into shape. The first thing that needs to be done is to wash, condition, and dry the beard before trimming. This helps to soften the hairs and make it easier to trim.

Next, a beard brush should be used to brush all the hair in downward motions. This helps to smooth the hair and allows a person to easily identify straggling hairs. Using scissors, remove those hairs, as well as any mustache hairs over the lips.

Starting with the longest guard on the trimmers, begin shaping the beard into the desired style. Gradually work down to the shorter guards on the trimmers as the beard takes shape. If unsure of how to accomplish this properly, a barber can assist with this part of the process.

Maintaining the Beard

Now that the beard is at its desired style, all that is left to do is to keep it that way. Regular trimming as the hair begins to grow can help keep it in its preferred style. It is also important to keep up with proper grooming, skin, and hair care to ensure the beard and skin stay healthy and comfortable.

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