How to Begin Fishing in Maine


Fishing is one of the most popular sports globally, and nowhere is it more incredible than it is in Maine!  From the gorgeous rivers and streams to the amazing sea: fishing is the one thing that connects every corner of this massive state.

Unfortunately, if you’ve never fished here before, there are some things you need to know first.

If You’re Sixteen or Older, You Need a License

Fishing licenses are a must in the state of Maine.  The fees they gather from these go towards wildlife conservation, park preservation, and $64 for the season.  If you want to pay for a single day, it’s only $15, but you’ll have to pay that every time you want to go fishing.  

This license covers all inland fishing and also allows for you to transport fish that you catch.  Although it may not seem like a big deal, this money goes straight to helping the conditions that make it possible to fish and is necessary for the local parks and recreation department to support this sport.

Not All Land Can Be Fished On

Although you may see a deep and shady gulch off the side of a river: if it’s on private property, you can not fish there. This is because this property belongs to someone, and fishing can get you in legal and financial trouble. Also, although the stream is usually a public space, the earth around it isn’t, and you can get in a sticky situation if you’re caught.

Pay Attention to Fishing Season

There are two main fishing seasons in Maine, unlike some states that may have one.  The open seasons are from February 16 to May 15 and July 16 to November 30.  As long as you’re within these gaps of time and have a license, you can fish on most public land.  

You Don’t Need Fancy Gadgets

There’s no need to try to trick fish into biting into your hook with enough gadgets to fill ten Portland, Maine, apartments.  The bare essentials, a good pole, a reel, some bait, hooks, and a fishing line are all you need.  Although you can invest in better materials, going too far overboard can ruin the fun of the sport.  Maine is a vast and beautiful state, so getting to take time to admire this and enjoy nature can be fantastic.

If you wanted to add anything to this list, including a cooler with some ice is something you can’t go wrong with!  On good days, you can take home fish in it; on rough days, you can enjoy a cold drink while you fish!

Ensure People Know Where You’re Going and When

Although most of Maine does have cellphone reception, if you’re going out fishing alone, in an area you normally wouldn’t: ensure that someone knows.  Chances are, you’ll get home safe and be fine, but if anything does happen, it’s good to have someone who can say where you are so that help can find you much faster if you don’t return on time.

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