Tips for Photographers to Get High-quality Prints of the Photos

High-Quality Prints of the Photos

With advancements in technology, various specialized cameras, lenses, or photography gear are available for photographers in the market. These things help to create better photos in less time.

However, having a good quality of gear does not mean that you will get a great photo. There are a lot of skills required to get a high-quality and well-composed image.

To figure out what makes a photograph beautiful and exciting will take some time and experience to master. But, if you do not understand the technique and science in creating high-quality prints, your photography will never improve.

So here are some tips for photographers to produce  high-quality photographs:

File Size Matters for Photography Prints

Earlier, memory cards had less capacity that made you concerned about running out of space. That meant adjusting the size of the images you take into a small, medium, or large JPEG format.

The problem is that compressed JPEG files are usually suitable for saving space but are not good for the camera’s sensor data. The data which you lost when you compressed the JPEG is unrecoverable.

So you have limited options regarding image post-processing. Fortunately, nowadays, memory cards have a high capacity, and they are less expensive. Therefore, no need to worry about space.

Instead, you can set the picture quality on the camera to RAW. In this way, you can have files that contain the maximum data. In addition, it will enable you to do more image post-processing and get better photo prints similar to Elephantstock.

Light and Exposure

If you shoot RAW, you can fix the exposure in editing. Then, of course, you need to tweak a large number of photographs in post-production. However, the better you get the camera exposure, the more high-quality your pictures will be. 

The tones and the shades will turn out good, and you will have a nice place to take a good photograph. So always remember that light is crucial for getting the correct camera exposure.

The light meter in the camera always makes things a neutral gray. For example, if your frame has many dark objects, the camera’s light meter will try to brighten up the photograph. It will make dark tones images look like a neutral gray.

For the scenes with many bright tones, like a snowy day, the camera will darken the image. The same problem can happen because of your light sources too. 

If you take a photograph in the sunlight, everything will be bright, but your subject will be in the shadows. So you have to brighten up the image as a result.

It is the right time where you need to use exposure compensation to get the correct exposure. 

Crop to the Right Shape

Cropping is a quick and easy way to improve your picture quality. You can remove undesired objects from the image and tighten the composition.

When you want to upload photos online, do not worry about the image’s aspect ratio; just crop it freehand. However, when you are editing images to take prints, use a fixed ratio.

When you print the photos online, you will find that they restrict you from setting aspect ratios. But if you print images at home, you will still have few options available. 

So always decide the format in which you want to publish your images before starting the cropping. 

Calibrate the Monitor

Airplane Landing Wheels Wall Art

The calibrated monitor is an important factor in preparing images for printing. In addition, with a calibrated monitor, you will get to know about the looks of your picture.

Calibrating the monitor means correcting and balancing the image colors, especially done with the help of calibration and spectrometer software. Everyone should do this even if they do not plan to print an image. 

If your monitor colors are off, it means all your images will look different on other devices. However, if you regularly calibrate the monitor, it will ensure that the colors on the screen are appropriately balanced and closely match with the print colors.

The frame is as Important as the Print

Blue Paisley Elephant Canvas Wall Art

If your canvases begin to buckle and warp with time, it is not a good situation. It usually occurs when frames behind the canvas consist of substandard materials.

To have the best quality print, ensure that the printer uses artist-quality and kiln-dried stretcher bars. These stretchers last long. So when you hand-stretch the canvas on these framing materials, you will get a perfectly mounted canvas.


Strong composition is vital to create a good quality print. It is essential to understand that the basic idea of composition results from leading a viewer’s eyes to an image. 

It will move an individual’s eyes throughout your print pleasingly and logically if you have good composition. Well, places, lights, subjects, lines, patterns, or colors can help move the eyes. 

Also, remember that the viewer’s eyes naturally wish to move out of a picture. So place things in the corners to stop this. It makes the photograph feel more balanced. 

Therefore, cloudy skies are better than clear skies because they stop the eyes from moving off the image. It is the reason that the landscape painters paint tree branches in the top corners.

Matte Print vs. Gloss Print 

The professional photo-printing services offer different types of products on which you can get print. When you will print on paper,  you will have two choices: gloss and matte. Your decision depends on your liking.

Both have the following pros and cons:

Gloss Prints

  • They reflect light. Hence these prints produce bright colors and excellent contrast.
  • They have a high dynamic range to get more vivid pictures.
  • They can handle many details in photos.
  • They attract more fingerprints.
  • They have heavy reflections that can make them difficult to see in the light.

Matte Prints

  • They produce more muted shades with a minimum punchy look.
  • They have a low dynamic range that results in low contrast images.
  • They are non-reflective. So you can hang prints on walls near windows.
  • They offer a more professional look

Bonus Tips

If you want to create a perfect print, it will take some practice. By forgetting a few key elements, your image will look nothing like the digital file.

If you prefer to outsource printing, it is essential to know that every print lab has a different operating process. Therefore, you might take a few attempts before finding the lab that best satisfies your requirements.

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