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What Are the Cheapest Ways to Get New Social Media Followers

Social Media Followers

Having a social media followers account is just as prevalent as having an email account. If you are a business owner, chances are very high that you have either Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, or all of the above; chances are you a part of some other community-based website like Reddit or Quora or both or more. Why? Social media platforms combined have a global user base of 3.2 billion people, and this number continues to grow annually. Social media is popular amongst business owners and consumers.

In fact, it is so popular that even an email signature generator allows users to place social media links on email signatures. People are constantly using social media to interact with friends, follow the latest trends, purchase products, etc.

So, if you are an individual business owner or a business of any size, you want to create social media accounts and engage your prospects. But, you need followers to achieve your business targets. If you are scratching your head, probing yourself, and wondering what are the cheapest ways to get new social media followers, read on, and we have got you covered. 

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Adding social icons to an email signature

Email marketing has been a staple amongst digital marketers because of its attractive return on investments or ROI. Each part of your email marketing, including the email signature, contributes to this statistic. It does not matter if you are using an email signature as a freelancer or as an employee of a large company, create a personal email signature.

Unique email signatures allow your readers and prospects to connect with the brand and the sender. Take this up a notch by adding social icons to the email signature. This strategy will allow the readers to explore your brand further and maximize your email marketing campaign’s benefits by giving you new social media followers.  

Posting in dedicated online communities

The reason why you are using social media platforms to promote your products and services is because you want more people to make a buying decision with your brand. But this is easier said than done. Joining in on the conversations in dedicated online communities like Reddit and Quora lets you understand user expectations and match your products with genuinely interested consumers.

You can even create accounts and begin posting in dedicated online communities to direct your prospect to your brand. Sharing things like social media posts can lead these people to your social media profiles and possibly get you more followers.

Generating useful content

Effective management of social media accounts requires you to get new followers and retain your existing followers. In order to achieve both of these marketing goals, you have to make sure you are churning out valuable content. Valuable content is one that is well received by your followers and one that people will want to share. Once you have created content that is shared by your users, make sure you showcase this to the world so that new followers are intrigued and interested to follow you.

Plus, once your followers share your content, it exposes your content to a broader audience and has a more significant impact. So, make sure you are generating useful content for continued engagement and shares that will get you more social media followers. 

Using hashtags

Hashtags, in the social media world, are a great way to make your post visible to people interested in a particular hashtag. Do your homework, find out which hashtags are most relevant in your industry, and start hashtagging your posts accordingly. You can create a dedicated hashtag to promote your page. You can even partner with other companies and cross-promote complementary products using hashtags. In the process, your social media posts will get more exposure and allow more people to see your page. With this added exposure, you have the possibility of getting lots of new social media followers.

Resharing others’ content

The first step in developing and implementing any marketing strategy is to identify your target audience. Once you know who or which group you want to reach, research and find out which authorities in your industry are connecting with this target audience.

Then sift through their feed and reshare their content on your page. Integrating industry authorities in your marketing this way will allow you to extend your brand to their follower base. In this process, you will share valuable content curated by influential industry authorities and drive traffic to your social media page and get new social media followers. 

Mentioning influencers in your posts

Influencers are people that have established authority in specific industries or individuals who are celebrated in their field. Social media allows everyone to interact with everyone, including influential people. Mentioning influencers in your posts or getting a mention from influencers will give your social media accounts the much-needed highlight. Once you get noticed, chances are people will find your content engaging and subscribe to your social media page. As a result, you have access to get new social media followers by mentioning influencers (or being mentioned by influencers) in posts. 

Social media allows you to create a social network. The more extensive your network, the larger your brands reach. Like the traditional marketing tactics of handing out brochures and encouraging word of mouth, social media allows you to showcase your brand differently and use influencers to cement your efforts further. In order to optimize your social media marketing campaign, you need a sizable audience.

Followers are the essential part of your social media marketing campaign. You want followers who are interested in and actively engaged. Use these cheapest ways to get new social media followers and get a group of actively interested followers. Getting social media followers is an ongoing process and a great way to get new leads that ultimately convert into customers and repeat customers. 

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