Crosswords to Teach Good Manners for Kids


We say that the mind of a child is like a blank canvas- the colours you choose to paint a picture on it will be taken up by them for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it is always imperative for parents to choose the right things to teach them at such a young age. One such thing is teaching good manners to them. Mostly, good manners are of the utmost importance for any individual in a society.

Why good manners are important?

  • Mannerism is a determining factor for anyone in this world when it comes to socializing. Teaching good manners to children is a fundamental approach to ensure that they mingle easily with their peers as they grow older.
  • A well-mannered child shows the effort that the parents have put in his/her upbringing.
  • Certain gestures like compassion and gratitude are essential to become a good human being and develop respect for others.

However, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. Teaching something new to children can be tricky if they don’t find it interesting enough to follow, especially when it comes to things like good eating habits. They get easily distracted and are always on the move. An easy and fun way that is employed by a large number of parents lately is to teach them through crossword puzzles! This timeless word game is revolutionizing the way children learn these days. 

Why crosswords puzzles?

Crossword puzzles are a perfect way to develop good eating habits in children for the following reasons:

  1. Crosswords quench children’s curiosity:

Explaining children verbally about something is not enough to satisfy their desire to know more. Engaging them with a crosswords puzzle helps answer all the questions they have in their minds. For example, telling a child to eat fruits every day will only raise questions in their brains but following that up with a crossword clue ‘fruits are rich in?’ will eventually answer their questions in the first place.

2. Provides reasoning:

There always comes a time when it is impossible to explain to kids WHY something is important. A crossword puzzle not only provides logic but also helps them relate to why his/her parents are stressing upon it.

3. Efficient learning:

A survey revealed that children who learn something through active-learning methods like crossword puzzles tend to understand it faster and better. For example, children may not remember the importance of different types of foods in their diet but dedicating an entire puzzle just on the importance of these food items may help them understand it better. 

Focusing on early healthy eating habits

Healthy eating is essential when fostering good habits at an early age. A balanced diet is vital for the proper physical and mental development of a child. At the same time, table manners are equally crucial as a part of development. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when it comes to eating habits:

  • Presenting children with a variety of food choices will keep them from getting bored. You might want to include many colourful fruits and vegetables which are not only pleasing to your child’s eye but also packed with loads of nutrients.
  • Do not demonize a particular food. Doing so will only create negativity in your child’s mind. Instead, inform them about the nutrition status and benefits/drawbacks of a specific diet and leave the choice of eating it to them. Such a positive reinforcement can be especially done through crossword puzzles.
  • Teach them the importance of moderation. It will develop self-control and mindfulness in the eating habits of your child.
  • Children are great imitators and often tend to copy their parents. They are using this as a strategy to teach them table manners works. With the holidays around the corner get ahead on your gift shopping now? 

Crosswords for good eating habits

There’s a variety of eating habits that you can choose to teach your children, such as the types of foods and their health benefits, table manners and usage of different implements like forks and spoons. However, you need to observe what manners are particularly lacking in your child. You might first want to work on the manners that are necessary on a daily basis and create a list of that. Subsequently, you can work on habits that are important in particular situations. You can refer to crossword 911 for alternate suggestions regarding a clue.

For example, you can create a puzzle specially dedicated to table etiquettes only. This way, the child will actively learn all the aspects of table manners and its importance. Crossword puzzles when used properly can help your child develop good manners faster than any other method. Make one today and see how your child learns these habits for a lifetime.

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