7 Cool Gadgets Your Girlfriend Would Love to Get for Christmas 2020


Christmas is a kind of romantic holiday, which means that you should give your woman something special gadgets – something that will make her heart beat faster, cause a flood of tears of happiness and a gentle touching smile of gratitude and love. This is not an easy task, so let’s try to solve it together.

1. Foreo UFO Smart Mask

Ukrainian girls know that Foreo is one of the most famous brands for high-tech beauty gadgets. And now the mask can be controlled via a smartphone. The mask can be nourishing, mattifying, moisturizing, anti-aging, and so on. It connects to a smartphone, the application is launched, and it begins to operate according to the program a woman chooses. The gadget uses various technologies for influencing the skin, such as cryotherapy and thermotherapy, LED glow, T-SONIC pulsation, etc.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watches

This gadget is not only stylish but also useful. It will notify your partner of messages, calls, calories burned, count steps, measure her heart rate, and she can also listen to music and even play games. Besides, the smartwatch monitors sleep. Apart from that, you can buy different straps for the gadget, and the lady will change them for any style and mood.

3. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scales

Girls always want to lose weight. No man understands this and shouldn’t even try. And scales are the main accomplice in this matter. Almost every woman has scales in the kitchen. But the main thing is that technology doesn’t stand still, and newer and improved models replace the old ones. Xiaomi Mi Smart Scales not only monitor body weight but also analyze factors to optimize diet and exercise intensity. This is a really smart scale.

4. Irrigator Oral-B OxyJet + Pro 3000

Initially, such devices were offered to people who wear braces because the purpose of the irrigator is to clean the gaps between the teeth. Then, irrigators became popular among those who suffer from the periodontal disease since they need to keep their mouth clean. But irrigators are also loved by those who just carefully monitor the hygiene of their mouth and teeth and enjoy their utmost cleanliness. Oral-B OxyJet + Pro 3000 releases water under high pressure, through which it cleans out everything stuck between the teeth, removes plaque from them, and massages the gums.

5. Aroma-diffuser EMOi

This is another smart gadget that girls will appreciate. This is a table lamp, wireless speaker, alarm clock, aroma lamp, and air humidifier at the same time. EMoi’s designers believe that this combination of functions affects the main human sensory centers: hearing, sight, and smell. This whole set works thanks to the smartphone application.

6. Smart Flower Pot Click & Grow

This gadget does everything on its own and allows a woman to grow various herbs and even small fruits and vegetables at home. There is no need to monitor everything during the growth and maturation process. The container has space for three capsules, that is, she can grow three plants at once. Such a gift can show a girl that you are serious about her hobby.

7. RunMi 90 PC Smart Suitcase

A smart suitcase is the perfect gadgets gift idea for travelers. The most popular model is RunMi 90 PC Smart Suitcase. Its body is made of very durable material. And the most important feature of this gadget is the TSA lock with a fingerprint scanner. For RunMi 90 PC Smart Suitcase, it was developed by the world-renowned developer of fingerprint security and identification systems FPC. In addition, this smart suitcase is available in several colors including bright yellow.

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