Milled from the Solid: Aluminum-Bike FRACE F160

Aluminum-Bike FRACE F160

Aluminum-Bike FRACE F160. Are you the type of cyclist with a deep appreciation for aesthetics and not just durability and performance? Then the Frace F160 is the best. It’s a bike that has passed both the fatigue and strength tests and is thus pleasing to the eye. It’s a 27.5 inch wheeled dual-suspension bike whose overall weight is about 16.3Kgs; it’s not the light type. 

Manual- But strikingly beautiful

It’s a manual bike and not electric as many would have expected but a striking and beautiful one. Anyone who chooses 7075 has not just done a random pick; they’re confident in what they’ve picked. The F160 bike was Bernd Iwanow’s idea, and his objective was to develop his bicycle – something outstanding- A CNC- milled mountain bike, one of its kind. 

The project involved cutting tool specialists from CERATIZIT. They’ve got the best of salespeople, trained engineers who know the machine very well so they can help you with the details you need. Therefore, before you get the bike, you have great advice from someone who understands the details of the bike. 

Iwanow’s production goal

Iwanow intends to make 30 of the F160 frames in the first year and looking for a North American distributor and therefore open to worldwide reach. The Aluminum used here is very stiff and consequently impossible to weld, allowing him to create a lattice of holes all through the frame without compromising durability. 

The dragonskin coating

The circular line CCR milling cutters are designed for Trochoidal milling and thus ideal as a surface coating. Like other high-performance tools, they’re coated with DRAGONSKIN, robust and wear-resistant material, and can withstand high-temperature fluctuations. 

Processing save 

Frace F160 has several pockets that a milling cutter has cleared out. The manufacturer is pleased with the 40 minutes machining time on the chainstay. Those interested in the bike frame will have to part with about 5000 Euros. In return, you have a real piece of jewelry produced in bits, a rare type that can compete with any downhill bike when it comes to performance. Professional downhill bikers can confirm this. It’s also been EFBE tested, and that confirms the high quality of this Enduro bike. It’s such an exclusive bike that stands for the highest demands and loads. F160 is characterized by robustness, maneuverability, and safety with an exclusive design, unique and eye-catching. 

This CNC milled bike is a merger of a holistic mountain bike design with the visionary’s CNC-based aluminum frame production and has top components in the bike technology. 

First of FRACE F160 bike delivered

Through the technical support of Cuttingtools Ceratizit, the manufacturer has been able to deliver the first piece. It’s such an excellent aluminum off-road bike, and the first piece remains with the owner. He has also received the first order with a frame serial number 002 already delivered to CERATIZIT Deutschland.  

One impressive thing about the FRACE F160 bike is that all the aluminum material that’s produced when making the frame is used in making other parts of the bike. Eight individual segments are screwed together using Titanium screws, forming a final bike. The aluminum material has unique qualities that make the bike a perfect long-lasting choice. 

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