Who Accepts Bitcoin while Buying Stuff?


Bitcoin is still going strong after its major fall due to Tesla’s rejection to use Bitcoin as a payment method. It is still the costliest cryptocurrency amongst Ethereum and Dogecoin to name a few. 

We are all well aware that one can buy anything and everything, from vacuum cleaners to private jets, using Bitcoin. In this article, we are going to tell you exactly where to put your Bitcoins at and which companies legally accept Bitcoin as one of the payment methods. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoins, then you can open a free account in Bitcoin Profit Pro.

Big Companies that Accept Bitcoin

As it’s said that if one does not change and adapt to the world, they shall perish. Major companies fear this concept and have started adapting this modern way of money transaction. Below is the list of big companies that say ‘yes’ to Bitcoin.

  • Microsoft: Bill Gates’ opinions have been rather negative about the whole cryptocurrency concept but Microsoft has opened its arms towards Bitcoin transactions. The company does so by enabling people to add their bitcoins to their accounts. Check out about Crypto Engine Review.
  • Etsy: This is an online e-commerce website that allows the common man to buy as well as to sell or dropship their products. It would be incorrect to say that all vendors trade using Bitcoin but the numbers are surely increasing.
  • Shopify: Giving some credit to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous offline businesses have turned online using Shopify. Shopify is a platform that offers business owners to create or convert their business into online mode.

Websites or Web-hosts that Accept Bitcoin

You can call them the middle men of Bitcoin transactions. These are web hosting services that offer a list of brands and companies according to your search and help you with safe Bitcoin transactions. 

  • Host1Plus: It is a rather old company having connections in Asia, Africa, American and Europe. Customer reviews say that it is one of the safest ways you can use to perform Bitcoin transactions.
  • Hostwinds: Hostwinds is a decade old web hosting service company that accepts Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies. It is one of the most trusted web hosting servers in the market.
  • NameCheap: it is one of the oldest web service providers with around a million customers. Since the year 2013, NameScape has been accepting Bitcoins along with the standard ways of money transactions.

Non-profit Organizations that Accept Bitcoin Payments

There are tons of NGOs and stand-alone organizations that have started accepting Bitcoin as one of the payment options. Here are the names of a few well known organizations.

  • Red Cross: It is the largest humanitarian organization that has its roots throughout the globe. Its mission is to try to eliminate human sufferings and bring aid to people in need. The organization enables Bitcoin donations through their BitPay platform. 
  • Save the Children: An organization involving care for underprivileged children all over Africa, the Caribbean, Middle East and Eurasia. Along with the standard payment methods, Bitcoin is also allowed.
  • Code to Inspire: This is a non-profit organization based in Afghanistan that empowers women to take up and enhance their coding skills. They too have  started accepting Bitcoin payments.

Travel Organizations that Accept Bitcoin

Travel agencies are gearing up for the post-pandemic vacation trips that people have already started planning on. They are up and ready to allow customers to perform Bitcoin transactions. Here are some of the agencies that will provide you a secure platform to trade with this decentralized currency.

  • BTCTrip: In the year 2013, the company enabled Bitcoin payments. This website offers you relatively cheaper air tickets. They have not only included Bitcoin but also Litecoin and Dogecoin as one of their payment media. 
  • Future Tours: This travel agency is based in Vietnam. It provides a platform to book tickets using Bitcoins.
  • WebJet: This company is an Australian-based travel agency that started accepting Bitcoin payments in the year 2015. The platform BitPOS allows the agency to perform safer transactions.

VPN Providers that Accept Bitcoin

Virtual private networks have become a crucial part of today’s generation, especially people living in countries or regions with restricted web surfing and app usage. It is good to know that many top tier VPN providers have started accepting Bitcoin.

  • NordVPN: It is one of the most popular VPN providers in the market. It provides private networks to about a hundred and ninety countries. NordVPN has also started accepting Bitcoin payments.
  • AirVPN: It is one of the most secure VPNs out there. Users need to first create their account and make payments, achieved by Bitcoin as well, to be eligible to use their network.
  • ExpressVPN: It provides research privacy and cutting-edge leak prevention of personal data into the internet. It offers VPNs for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. ExpressVPN offers Bitcoin payments as well.

Dating Websites that Accept Bitcoin

To attract more customers, companies and businesses have to evolve and adapt to the advancements in technology. This applies to dating apps too.

  • Since the year 2013, this dating website has offered millions of users the opportunity to pay via Bitcoins. It is one of the biggest dating sites.
  • If dating sites had a finance hierarchy then this website would top the list. People earning at least in crores are members of this site. This website has enabled Bitcoin transactions as well.

Online Electronic Shops Accepting Bitcoin

It would be a shame if technology didn’t catch up with cryptocurrency. Hence we have a list of electronic shops that have adapted to this modern way of payment.

  • Overstock: This is a brand that sells home-based products like furniture, electronics and beddings. Since the year 2014, Overstock has opened its doors to Bitcoin transactions.
  • Newegg: Another tech shop that sells products ranging from graphic cards to laptops and desktops. Bitcoin is one of their payment gateways.
  • FastTech: It provides some of the best rates on electronic devices and allows payment in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Acceptors in India

Indian investors are already into the market of cryptocurrency. The sad news is that the Indian government is not very happy about it. The government has given cryptocurrency owners a window till July 5th to convert all their cryptocurrencies to cash. 

Although the government is negative about the use of cryptocurrency, there are online platforms like Nafa and cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Unocoin which still deal with Bitcoin. Food and beverages of brands like KFC, McDonalds’ and Starbucks are accepting Bitcoin payments. Whether it will be legal in India or not, Bitcoin has definitely taken the economy by storm.

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