What does an industrial designer do?

Industrial Designer

Before talking about industrial design trends, you need to find out who an industrial designer is. In this article, you will learn what is included in this concept. We will also tell you what qualities a specialist should have in order to master this profession. Before we move on to discussing current product design trends, it is advisable that you have an understanding of full cycle product development. In this way, you can better understand the nature of industrial design trends 2020.

Labor responsibilities of an industrial designer

The job description defines the functional duties, rights and responsibilities of the designer. The designer must know:

  • Decrees;
  • Orders;
  • Other guiding and normative documents concerning the work of the enterprise;
  • The basis of aesthetics and social psychology;
  • Computer development technology of drawings and processing files;
  • Technology of drawing pictures on decorative splash glasses of slot machines;
  • Labor legislation;
  • Internal regulations of the enterprise;
  • Rules and norms of labor protection;
  • Industrial sanitation and hygiene;
  • Fire safety.

Modeling and rendering requires Solid Edge and Pro / Engineer skills. In addition, an industrial designer must be able to read blueprints and other technical documentation. The more computer software a specialist is guided by, the wider his employment opportunities. Versatile workers can easily adapt to an enterprise with a narrow field of activity.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Industrial design is one of the most sought after and highly paid areas of design. Experienced specialists in this field are in demand in all countries. The work implies the possibility of career growth to a creative director or owner of your own design agency.

In order to become a good specialist, you need to continuously improve your qualifications, as well as deepen your knowledge in related fields. It is difficult to implement without marketing experience.

Features of the sphere

Typically, industrial designers specialize in one product or service. Although there are no boundaries or boundaries, it all depends on the desire to learn and develop in different directions. The only thing that is mandatory for everyone is the creation of products that meet the requirements:

  • Easy to use;
  • It functions well;
  • Produce cost-effectively;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Buy quickly.

Pros and cons of the profession


High demand in the labor market, interesting creative work, the opportunity to realize your fantasies and ideas, the constant novelty and variety of projects, the ability to improve and develop from project to project. Typically, interior designers have high wages.


The discrepancy between the tastes of the customer and the artistic vision of the designer, the need for a long time to convince the customer of the design solution or to adapt to his desires.

Who is this difficult profession suitable for?

The candidate must develop the following personal qualities:

  • Creativity and mathematical mindset;
  • Analytical bias;
  • The desire to understand the intricacies of the product, without losing sight of the little things;
  • Skill to work in team;
  • Ability to hear and analyze ideas and comments of colleagues;
  • The desire to create something new;
  • Minimal knowledge of the field of activity of accountants, because representatives of this profession may be required to draw up an estimate and develop a project within a strict budget.


What do graphic, web and industrial designers have in common? All these specialists must have high computer literacy and constantly improve their skills. Trend following doesn’t have to be blind. At the same time, it will also not work to stay away from the general currents. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly study and analyze the state of the market.

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