VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting

In this guide, we want to explain to you the difference between VPS and a dedicated server. At the same time, your main task is to correctly determine the needs of the site. If you are looking for the best forum hosting, the low bandwidth is enough. If your site has a lot of photo and video content, you have to think about more than just security. A large amount of server disk space will become a must for you. Otherwise, the site will crash as soon as the number of visitors grows. We also recommend checking the website speed periodically. If it is small, you urgently need to increase the bandwidth. People don’t like to wait. If your site does not load well, you will quickly lose organic traffic. So, which one to prefer: VPS or a dedicated server?

Let’s start with the basics

Reliable site operation can only be ensured with stable and reliable hosting services. And if ordinary hosting is suitable for business card sites and similar analogs, then for a modern, fully functional site, portal, online store, much more capabilities and resources are needed. In this case, you need to consider the option of renting a VPS or dedicated server. In order to choose one of the services, you need to have as much information as possible about the capabilities of virtual (VPS) and dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hosting-Virtual dedicated server (VPS) functionality

VPS is a virtual machine that contains all the necessary tools for the high-quality operation of your site. When using this service, the site owner will have a wide range of administration tools, including the ability to reinstall the operating system.

The cost of a VPS is relatively small, but you need to remember that a fairly large number of such virtual machines can be located on one server. In rare cases, a VPS can “suffer” from its neighbors.

Advantages and disadvantages of a dedicated server

A dedicated server will provide the highest performance for your Internet project, albeit at a relatively high price. If you use many tools that require a huge amount of computing resources, then this service will be most relevant to you. The owner will be able to independently set all the settings, change operating systems and even use the BIOS. Pay attention to German dedicated servers, which have the best price-to-quality ratio.

Choosing between dedicated server vs VPS: advantages and disadvantages

So, we can conclude: if the site owner needs relatively few resources for the full functioning of the site, he can rent a virtual VPS server, which is relatively inexpensive, unlike a dedicated server. If you have a highly loaded or highly visited project, be sure to consider renting a dedicated server.

User opinion regarding VPS vs dedicated hosting:

A virtual dedicated server strictly limits your site in terms of consumed resources. You can’t jump higher, even burst. But in the case of shared hosting, you are provided with essentially all the power of a physical server, and a good provider, with a small number of sites on the server and their relatively low load capacity of each of them, your site can fly.


The choice mainly depends on the size and content of the Internet platform. If you are launching a business card site or a forum of narrowly focused specialists, you do not need to spend additional funds on a dedicated hosting server. VPS will perfectly cope with the tasks. We have prepared a shortlist of the main conditions under which the advantage is on the side of a dedicated server:

  • Multi-page site;
  • A large number of pictures and video files;
  • Live broadcasts on the site;
  • A lot of interaction with users;
  • Requires very high page response speed;
  • To administer the resource you need highly specialized tools;
  • You want to have full access to the settings, including the BIOS;
  • Site security comes first and you don’t want the provider’s administrator to have access to your dashboard.

There are other differences that it makes sense to delve into when communicating directly with the provider. There are other differences that it makes sense to delve into when communicating directly with the provider. Each company has its own list of additional dedicated hosting services that may be useful to you.

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