Top-notch Javascript Frameworks That You Must Use in 2022!

JavaScript Framework

There is no doubt that a new year brings you a sachet of new hopes. You feel excited to start a new journey in your life. The same thing goes in the field of technology as well. Every year you can witness new technology replacing the old ones. This is because; all these new tech trends are more advanced. And revolutionize the sphere of website development.

When it comes to website development, one thing is more common among web development companies. And that is the JavaScript framework. So, why is JavaScript popular among web developers?

Well, many of you would admit that javaScript framework has some drawbacks. But do you know that it is still the most used programming language in the world? As per the survey completed in 2020, about 69.7% of the developers use JavaScript for programming. So, that makes it clear that it is the most preferred programming language in the world.

Most Trending JavaScript Framework to use in 2021

  1. Angular JS

First in the list of the trending frameworks is Angular JS. It is one of the most efficient and free javaScript framework of JavaScript. The best part about this framework is Google operates the javaScript framework. So, this, as a result, makes this framework intended for single-page application only. Developers who will use this framework can extend the HTML into the app. And create data binding by interpreting the attributes.

Now that you know about Angular JS basics, here is all about its features, productivity, and performance.

Features of Angular JS

Cross-platform- The first and unavoidable feature of Angular JS is a cross-platform framework. That implies; you can use it to develop programs for multiple platforms. For example, you can use Angular JS to create modern-day web apps. These apps are usually high-performance apps that offer offline functionality as well.

You can also use it to develop native apps. Besides, this framework also enables you to develop apps for desktop OS such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and many more. So, this is why most of the develop preferring Angular JS over any other framework.

It offers you speed and performance.

Besides the cross-platform feature, Angular JS is also known for its speed and performance. This is because; Angular helps developers to convert templates into code. These codes save you time and are also highly optimized for virtual machines.

Further, it also offers near-instant rendering in HTML and CSS. And with a new component router, the apps developed in Angular load instantly without any time.


When it comes to potency, you can make UI views more engaging with impactful template syntax. You can also command-line tools to create and develop your apps faster. Angular JS also offers you IDEs in which you can get intelligent code completion. AllFront lists some useful articles about Angular JS, including how to deploy your apps in Google Play or preventing app regressions.

  1. Polymer 

The polymer is another open-source JS framework developed by Google as Google developed this framework, so you can be assured that you can create any website’s element without entering into any complex level. Besides, it also supports one-way and two-way binding. So, as a developer, you can get many application areas if you are using this framework.

Features of Polymer

  1. It is a JS library that comes with the best web-standard APIs. So, this, as a result, helps you make the custom HTML elements easily.
  2. The framework also offers you the chance to customize the reusable elements.
  3. The framework also offers you Google Material Design to develop mobile applications quickly.


 Next on the list of trending JS frameworks is VUE JS. This is a framework developed in the year 2016. It may be a little older, but it is highly advanced. And it offers you features that will beat all the modern-day frameworks. The framework offers you a dual integration mode. Using this advanced feature, you can create a high-end Single page application. Besides, this is also one of the best JS frameworks that enable you to develop cross-platform apps.

Features of VUE JS

Virtual DOM- One of the best features of VUE JS is virtual dom. Using this feature, you can view all the changes made in the real DOM. So, this offers you a cost-effective way to see the changes quickly.

Data binding is another remarkable feature of VUE that allows you to assign values or manipulate the HTML attributes.

Transitions and animations- this is a preeminent feature that allows you to apply transitions to HTML elements.

Template– VUE also offers you HTML templates that help you bind the DOM with VUE JS instance data. As a developer, you can also utilize the render function template for replacing any template.

4. Ember JS

This is another framework of JS that came to the tech market in 2015. And post its introduction, the framework has witnessed massive popularity among the developers. The reason behind its success is its wide applicability. That means; you can use this framework for any react native app development.

The framework also supports two-way binding. So, this makes it one of the most convenient platforms to develop complicated UIs. There is much popular application built on the Ember JS framework. It includes LinkedIn, Netflix, and many more. So, if you are watching for an efficient framework with two ways binding, Ember JS is the best choice.

Features of Ember JS

Comfortable– The best part about Ember JS is you can create web applications comfortably. It offers you a simple framework to design the best Java Script Web application.

Offers you HTML and CSS– Ember also offers you the HTML and CSS codes of the developed model.

Management- This JS framework also offers core features to manage your URLs.

Debugging tool- Ember JS also offers you debugging tools to find out the bugs.

5. Backbone JS

It may be the last on the list, but it can never be the last one. This is because; it is one of the most widely used JS frameworks in mobile application development. The framework offers you all the convenience that you need to build any single-page application. Besides, the server-side functionality flows through the API. So, this allows developers to get tedious functionalities without writing many codes.


  • It uses JS functions that offer great front end development
  • You can get model, views, event router, and many more
  • It also separates business and user interface logic


Keeping it short, these are some of the most trending JS frameworks that you must use in 2021. And when it comes to web development, JavaScript will always rule the game with its high-end features. So, if you are a JS developer, you must use one of these frameworks to get the best results.

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