Top 7 Web Development Trends 2021

Web Development Trends

It’s truly said that “Websites should look good from the inside and out.” If your website is designed and developed professionally and as per the latest trends, then you don’t need to put more effort in making people know how, why and what your business is all about. 

Perhaps, developing a website as per the current market condition is not a cakewalk as the web development industry is transforming rapidly. But if you want to scale your business, it is vital for you to improve your website services by developing websites as per the latest trends. 

Well! To better understand what trends are helpful for your website, I did research and jotted down the seven best web development trends for 2021. 

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7 Latest Web Development trends 2021

Let’s begin… 

#1- Chatbots

It is one of the highly preferred trends that offers automated communication solutions. The primary objective behind this trend is to help the users get connected right away and try to communicate with you even if you are unavailable. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, chatbots are highly in trend. With the emergence of chatbots, your business will not require customer service professionals and will further save a lot of time and money. 

#2- Voice Search Optimization 

If I talk about the most common trend that is gaining positive responses from various users, then voice search optimization is at the top. Due to this feature, people generate results by speaking over the device without utilizing keyboards. If you want to shape your website’s future, make sure you improve the capabilities of voice search. This technology will not save time but also serve as a source of customer behavior. So, don’t miss working on the voice search optimization trend. 

#3- Web Assembly

At the time of launching a website, we never miss analyzing website performance. We all know that if your website is filled with heavy libraries or javascript operations, then it will directly affect website performance. So, if you want to gain more visibility and boost your site performance, you can use the latest framework named Web Assembly. With this framework, code is executed much faster in comparison to javascript. Moreover, it also helps in optimizing your website performance. So, don’t forget to leverage this trend to rank higher and deliver an excellent user experience to your website audience. 

#4- Responsive & Interactive site

While discussing website trends 2021, how can we avoid website responsiveness in the list? It is observed that every second request is made by users through their mobile devices. It directly indicates to both developers and designers that they need to put extra effort into UX and UI. It will not only make it convenient for the visitor to access your site on different devices but also grab the visitor’s attention. Thus, besides creating responsive websites, try to add interactive elements to your website to gain significant attention and excellent results. 

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#5- Push Notification

If you think that push notification is only helpful in mobile apps, then you are somewhere on the wrong track. If you want your site to be on the top list of Google, then you need to implement push notifications in your web application. This will give users the experience that they wish to obtain while accessing mobile devices. Especially, if you own a small or medium-sized business, then the push notification feature will surely help you improve the user retention rate and boost sales. 

#6- Automation Testing

As per the current situation, your website development process will only be successful if it owns the power to create an excellent website in minimum time and cost. Many organizations use development stages automation tools to get excellent websites in the first go. With the help of automation testing, you can build complex projects with fewer development experts as every single problem will be detected by the tool. Besides this, it also offers the best transparency and testing coverage that further helps you get an awesome and error-free end project without breaking the banks. 

#7- Accelerated speed

By keeping the website traffic in mind, there should be something that will keep a look at the website loading speed so that it does affect your visitor’s attention. To resolve this problem and boost website loading speed, organizations are using accelerated speed for page loading. AMP’s are basically the HTML copies of current web pages. The main reason behind its fast loading speed is that it restricts CSS/HTML, javascript and allows users to access websites much faster. So, you can also use this open-source framework to ensure that your website loading speed is faster and does not affect the productivity of your website. 

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Final Words

If you keep yourself updated, then you can surely create a website that stands out from the crowd. Hopefully, the above trends will help you create modern and productive websites that will further help you generate productive leads. 

So, try adding some extra element whale developing a website to get real-time results. Want to share more trends with readers? Share it in the comments below.

Happy Development 

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