Tips for A Flat Foot

Flat Foot

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1. Limit exercises when your pain flares up

If your pain is getting worse because of flat foot, it is best to avoid straining it. For instance, if you run daily, it is best to let the pain reduce before getting back to your routine. You should ease back into your routine slowly. It is also advisable to stretch your feet before attempting any routine exercises.

2. Get shoes that support your feet

Your feet will most probably develop more pain and discomfort if you are not getting the arch support necessary for walking. When it comes to choosing shoes, get those with sufficient arch support. If possible go for shoes with removable insoles, wide toes, and low heels, as they will ensure you do not strain your feet too much.

3. Invest in orthotics

Orthotics from the can help with flat foot problems and other types of foot issues as well. You can visit a podiatrist and get prescription orthotics. You can also look for over-the-counter options that work for you.

4. Watch your weight and lose some, if necessary.

Whether you believe it or not, your weight plays a big part in foot pain. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your foot become weakened with the extra weight they need to support. If you have too much weight to support, it makes your flat foot pain worse. Additionally, putting on too much weight affects normal foot arches over time, which then collapse and cause the development of flat feet.

5. Massage your feet

Your feet will feel more relaxed when you get a relaxing massage, especially on days when they are hurting. Foot massages have various health benefits such as promoting muscle and joint relaxation and easing stress on your feet. Look for professional foot massage places nearby.

6. Take NSAID (anti-inflammatory) medication.

When taken in higher doses, NSAIDs can help in the reduction of inflammation of your feet and ease your pain. You should always speak to a reputable podiatrist or doctor before taking the medication and ensure that it is non-steroidal.

7. Strengthen your feet

It is important to note that strengthening your feet will not cure flat foot. However, it can help in easing the pain associated with it. A popular exercise for alleviating flat foot pain is balancing your body on one leg while standing tall.

8. Get foot surgery

If you have extreme pain because of flat foot, the only choice may be to get surgery. The options available are removing bones, grafting bones to make your arches rise better, or fusing your foot/ankle bones. You can speak to your podiatrist to see if this is an option.

9. Ice your feet

Use ice packs to alleviate the pain caused by flat feet. You can also use packs of frozen vegetables. Do not treat the condition with heat suggests

10. Do not stress your feet

Wear cushioned shoes outdoors and soft slippers when indoors to protect your feet from unwanted pain caused by walking on hard surfaces.

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