Things to know before renting a photo booth

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Q: What are the prices for a photo booth rental in Vancouver? A: Depending on the size of your event, you may be able to save money by hiring a rental for one or more days. Q: Can you rent it for a wedding?

Photo Booth Rental

A: Yes, most photo booth rental companies will rent it for wedding ceremonies. Most photo booth rental companies will also offer a range of different packages that include the price of the rental along with other perks such as free frames for pictures taken and personalized favors.

Q: If I want to hire a photographer to take pictures for my wedding, will I have to pay for their services? A: You will have to pay for their services but there are many photo booths rental companies that will waive the fee and simply provide you with the photos taken by them as they choose.

Q: What are the places that I’ll need to go to find a photo rental company in Vancouver? A: Many local photo booths rental companies are located in Vancouver and you should try to find one in your area before you make your final decision.

Q: Will I know where to get the information about the location of the rental company? A: It’s best to call the offices of the photo rental company that you are considering, because these offices often hold weekly or monthly meetings so that you can contact any questions that you have about renting a camera from the company.

Q: What type of camera do I need for my photo shoot? A: There is no right or wrong type of camera, but it’s best to try out a few different types of cameras in order to find the one that suits you best.

Q: Is it possible to buy a camera from the photo booth rental office if I cannot afford it? A: If you cannot afford to rent the camera outright, you will have to ask the person renting the camera whether they would be willing to let you borrow one.

Q: Where do I find a list of photo booths that rent? A: There is an abundance of online sources that can help you find a local photo rental company. You can go to websites like My Vancouver Photography, Photo Booth Vancouver, The Vancouver Camera Store and even Craigslist.

Q: How do I find a photo booth that will rent the pictures that I want? A: You will need to ask questions such as where the picture will be taken, what equipment is required and how long the photography session is going to last.

Q: What is the cost of the photo booth rental fees? A: Some photo booth rental fees are based on the number of photos that you will be renting. However, there are also fee charged depending on the number of people and the time that you are renting the photos.

Q: Are there any discounts for repeat business? : Photo booths that have a membership plan usually offer discounts for repeat business and if you make multiple orders for the same photos.

Q: How do I apply for a membership at a photo booth? A: You can apply for a membership with a photo booth by asking a staff member, but this is sometimes easier if you have a credit card.

Q: Where can I get more information about how to take photos? A: You can ask your local Vancouver camera store for information on all of the things that you need to know when renting photos.

Q: I have decided to rent a photo booth, where can I get a copy of my contract? A: Your photo booth rental contract will have all of the legal terms and conditions, but if you are not sure what all of the clauses mean, you can talk to a staff member in the store to see what kind of terms and conditions are in your contract.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a photo booth? A: Depending on the number of pictures that you will be renting, you may be able to get away with renting a cheaper photo booth.

Q: Will there be extra charges on top of the normal photo booth rental fees if the photo booth is closed? A: Yes, some photo booths will charge an extra fee if you want to have a camera installed and a different picture taking device.

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