The top prank calling apps this 2020

Prank Calling Apps

Whether you’re typically on the receiving end of someone’s Prank calling apps or the one delivering them, despite their popularity dwindling in recent years, practical jokes using cell phones are here to stay. 

Since the introduction of prank apps, more and more people are now playing their favorite practical jokes from their smartphones. Not only are they easier and more convenient to pull off, but they’re also a whole lot safer and creative thanks to their innovative, cool features.

Although many prank calling apps currently exist, we’ve done our necessary due diligence to research and narrow down the very best prank dial apps of today. 

Below are our top 3 prank apps that you’ll probably ever need to trick your friends and family. So without further ado, let’s begin!


If you thoroughly enjoy prank dialing, then OwnagePranks is your best friend. Besides being the most visible Prank calling apps youtube channel, their pranks app lets you make fantastic unique prank calls, featuring many of their legendary characters. 

Each user has access to an enormous selection of prerecorded calls (100+), each containing a unique and hilarious prank script – a hacker asking for your Wifi password or a random jealous girl telling you to stay from their man. 

What makes this more enjoyable compared to other prank dial apps is that prank scripts are voiced by the Russell Johnson himself- the face of the OwnagePranks series who voices all the famous characters like Tyronne Biggums and Buk Lau. 

Making a prank call is far easier than trying one yourself. Begin by selecting your chosen prank script, and contact name, then make the call. As prerecordings are automated to play, you can listen in and enjoy your buddy’s reactions.

Main Features

  • 100+ automated prerecorded calls
  • Receive one free credit day
  • Submit your most notorious prank calls to the Pranks Hall of Fame, where the best are submitted. 

Fake Call Plus

This prank calling app won’t fool someone on the other line, but it’ll most definitely trick your friends and colleagues standing around you. 

Fake Call Plus is an incoming call/ text message simulator that lets users schedule fake phonecalls to themselves, and once you pick up, it’s your decision on what type of prank to play. 

A classic example would be coming with an excuse to remove yourself from any occasion; this could be a tedious work meeting or wrong date. If the time has seemingly stopped forcing you to stay, make an incoming call, and pretend you have to leave. 

Or if you’re a salesman trying to sell your last inventory, convince a client by talking to other prospective customers in a simulated call.

The prank scenario you wish to play is completely up to you, making it the most versatile app on our list. 


  • Schedule fake incoming calls and text messages
  • Customize and manage the audio clips to be played during calls and ringtones for each fake call 
  • Give fake contact a name and number

Voice Changer by Android Rock

To those who have desperately tried to make prank calling work but never could, we have saved a spot on our list just for you. 

And if you’re like me and instantly burst out laughing during your many failed prank dials, one app that could potentially prevent this is a good voice changer.

Voice Changer by Android Rock does precisely this, offering over twenty sound modifications to transform your voice. With so many voice effects, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and prank calling the same person repeatedly can be done without suspicion. 

So what voices are available? The underwater effect sounds like what it implies, like you’re talking underwater. Others can even change how old you appear to be, giving Child and Old Man voice options. It can even get a little bit scary, as you can transform yourself into a demon or robot. 

Although voice changes during prank calls can’t be made live, the app has a straight-forward record button where demos can be made. 

After recording, choose which sound effects you want to be implemented onto your voice, changing how you sound instantly. And once you have your prerecording, phone a friend and play the audio file. 


  • Over 20 voice transformation effects available
  • Record yourself speak and then apply effects
  • Prank people over social media or your friends over the phone
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