The 8 Biggest Text Message Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Text Message

Text messaging is a powerful strategy that businesses can use to reach out to customers. In today’s competitive world, constant engagement with customers is needed to ensure success. This can be done by using various communication tools and marketing strategies. One of the most effective and cost-efficient strategies is to use text marketing. This involves the use of SMS or text message mistakes sent to customers. The strategy has a higher response rate that makes it highly effective and can help deliver results. If you are a marketer, you can use text messaging to ensure your strategies are successful. There are certain text message mistakes that are commonly committed. The following are eight such mistakes.

1. Sending unsolicited messages

Sending unsolicited messages is nothing but spamming. It is also illegal in many places. Sending such messages can invite fines and even suspension of the phone number used for the marketing. Consent from a user needs to be taken before sending text marketing messages. This is an ethical marketing practice. Further, every message should have an option for the user to opt out from receiving messages. This is the right way of using text marketing.

2. Sending messages outside business hours

Texting is a business strategy and hence should be used during business hours only. Using this strategy during other times is not a good practice. Most customers prefer receiving text message mistakes from marketers because texting is non-intrusive. They can view the messages even while they are working. They can view and reply whenever they want. Sending a message after work hours disturbs the customer and intrudes into his/her personal space. This can put off a customer and hence should be avoided.

3. Sending bulk messages

Now, this may surprise you! After all, isn’t text marketing meant to send bulk messages? Yes but that doesn’t mean you send the same message to everyone. This makes the message look like a typical bulk message. Such a message looks like a generic message sent to everyone. This kind of a message is unlikely to be appreciated by many customers. Instead, use personalized messages. Just by including the name of the user, a message looks personalized and can make a user reading it.

4. Repeatedly sending the same message

You may have a message to send that is important for you. What matters is whether the customer would like to receive such a message. If you keep sending the same message again and again, it can be irritating. It also makes you look desperate to sell the product. If you keep sending such messages the customer may opt out or even block your number. This is counterproductive. Hence, you must ensure you don’t keep sending the same message. Reduce the frequency of your messages or send different messages instead of the same one.

5. Sending messages that add no value

When you send a message to a customer, it must add some value. It must provide information on a product that is helpful to the customer. It must offer a solution that addresses the customer’s needs. The way the message is presented must make the customer attracted towards the product or to find more information. Apart from sales messages, value-added content can also be sent. For example, a health organization can send health tips frequently. Such messages would be read and create a better impact.

6. Not having a CTA

A CTA or a call to action is the most important part of any marketing communication. The call to action should make the customer take an action. The action could be to visit the store, inquire about the product, ask for a demo, or make a purchase. CTA phrases like ‘offers last until stocks last’, ‘open only for this weekend’. ‘Don’t miss this golden chance’ can be attractive to a customer. Sending a message without a CTA is essentially wasting an opportunity.

7. Not talking about the brand

Text marketing is not just to sell your product but can be used to promote your brand. Creating brand awareness or promoting a brand should be one of the objectives of text marketing. Don’t forget to include a brand name, a website link, tagline, etc. This will help remind customers of the brand. You can even do in a subtle way but you must do it.

8. Not updating your SMS list

Your SMS list needs to be updated. Using an old list leads to messages being waste. Not only should your list be updated but you need to add new contacts. Your sales team must collect contacts and add them to your SMS list, so your text marketing will have a higher chance of success.

The text messaging mistakes listed in this article can have a direct effect on the results of text marketing as a strategy. Marketers should be aware of these mistakes and should take care to avoid them to prevent problems.

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