What Are New Ways People Can Use Technology to Change the World?

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Every new civilization that arose in human history has contributed to the combined knowledge of how we make and use new technology we create. Tech had its humble beginnings from the most straightforward tools like wheels and levers. 

As we met more dynamic challenges, we tried our luck for a bonus ticket to the future by using different materials and phenomena to solve our society’s problems with new technology. In the last decade and the rest that is coming, continuous research and development keep pushing the definition of how new technology is changing the world.

People always face challenges in their work and casual life, and the multitude of problems that need solving is indicative of why new technology is important. Every field of human knowledge has some technical application. Ever since we all get wired for the internet of things, new technology for the future is truly a marvel to behold. 

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Groundbreaking New Technology and How It Influences Our Lives

Social Awareness

Social media and internet communications have been the backbone behind the boom in digital services and new technology. As a result of the massive audience it grants the public, major social issues can be openly raised, discussed, and even advocated. 

The rapid spread of information has decentralized the dissemination of data as computer and smartphone companies compete to introduce their customers to the best new technology. 

More people than ever have near-instant access to information about social equality and justice, as well as a litany of other important and relevant details like the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Access to Experts

One of the new technologies after COVID 19 that has kept the world together is video conferencing. Thanks to Zoom and other service providers, people have instant access to the most knowledgeable people on any particular subject. 

Gone are the days when we had to do our research to find out about curious things. Professionals in every field are now accessible to the common folk. Additionally, many people are using the internet to discover new technology as it emerges, and this feeds back to the loop, increasing the number of experts.

Voice Assistants

One of the initial fantasies for computer languages was interacting with any new technology with voice commands. Fortunately, we live in a commonplace age, thanks to the voice assistants on our smartphone. 

Alexa for Amazon, Siri for Apple, and OK Google stand out in the voice-assisted user interfaces that our new technology post COVID could use for our interaction. As the internet of things continues to grow, we find the potential of using voice commands on everyday items like our doors and refrigerators to even our cars. 

Satellite navigation in modern cars uses this new technology to listen for and give directions through voice commands. They can even control other connected devices like playing music, making phone calls, and even air conditioning. This can change our lives by freeing us from physical interaction with controls.

Robot Assistants

Whenever we think about robots, it is easy to imagine they will become a central part of our social and economic activities. This is closer to reality than science fiction as new technology examples in robotics and biomechanics have produced amazing results. 

Boston Dynamics was once a part of MIT research labs. Now they are a standalone firm credited with releasing different versions of robotic dogs and humanoids that are responsive and trained to react to real-life situations appropriately. 

Of course, there are rules for the use of robots, the so-called Book of Ra of robotics, which seems to be all fiction, but with the participation of experts and engineers, a robotic workforce in the army and even in workplaces and homes will become a reality.

Driverless Cars

One of the things pushing for new technology now is the concept of automated driving. So companies have tried it, and Tesla springs to mind with their fleet of electric cars with an autopilot feature. 

The vehicles can drive on their own by monitoring their environment with real-time sensors and machine learning. Every car on the road contributes to this combined new technology knowledge that the fleet uses to understand the world and navigate it safely. 

Gene Editing

Overcoming disease is the greatest challenge we face as organisms, and sometimes we start with the odds stacked highly against us. However, thanks to some of the new technology gadgets at Crispr, we have sequenced the entire human genome. 

With this priceless information, disease-causing genetic markers have been identified and successfully eliminated from embryos resulting in the end of hereditary afflictions like cystic fibrosis and others. Hopefully, as time progresses, we can nip more diseases in the bud with this fascinating new technology.

Regenerative Medicine

Since we figured out how to make copies of things, we always hoped to replicate physical objects in real-time at the comfort of a home or office. 3D printing paved the way for new technology to develop around having a copy of human organs if existing ones face critical failure. 

Some examples include plastic hearts made of flexible materials able to mimic the fluid expansion and contraction of muscles. Other organs can be made with cell culture and grown to fully functional replacements. The life-changing implications of this new technology for 2020 are immense.

Artificial Intelligence

Our society is increasingly reliant on computers and artificial intelligence. The pace at which it is improving is staggering. Our fear of artificial intelligence that merges with other new technology it finds is becoming valid. The new technology of the future will provide large sums of data that will be exchanged and processed by very accurate machine learning. 

It’s capacity for learning increases as it associates more and more of the data we feed it and will become better than humans at most tasks. The new technology that will arise with the assistance of artificial intelligence will be more accurate and may become the basis of how our economy and society run in the coming decades.


Modern problems require modern solutions. New technology is developed to solve the issues that our lives throw at us every day. With all the gadgets we have today, the future holds a bright flare for those brave enough to tackle the issues that plague us with science and innovation.

As far as we are concerned, our thirst for new technology will keep growing as long as problems need solving. If that says anything about the future, then what an exciting time to be alive. What other technologies do you think will transform the world?

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