Summer Fashion Trends of the Year 2021

Summer Fashion

First, let’s talk about the colors that will be trending in the summer fashion months this year.


Colors are one of the first details that attract attention. Pastel shades will be the most trendy this year.In the last year’s  Spring Summer 2020 collections, neon colors were trending, but this year the tones are a little less bright as pastel tones are trending. We see beautiful vibrant colors in pastel shades of yellows, baby blues, pinks, greens, coral tones as well as strawberry red tones. If you have a Pinterest account dedicated to fashion trends now is the time to get some followers to reach out to a bigger audience of fashion lovers and let them know about the most recent color trends.

Monochrome Transitions

Many fashion shows, from Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, where the combination of black and white is predominant, have also created a new trend. Gabriela Hearst and Dsquared2 proceeded with clearer lines.


A clothing style that will be trendy this year is the Athleisure style. It includes sportswear and casual wear. In fact, it is a trend that started in 2019, although it decreased a little in 2020, it still remains a trend throughout the entire pandemic. Athletic style continues to be in trend this year as the processes caused by Coronavirus continue and brands launch new products.

Unisex Cut

Unisex cut is really fashionable this year, including unisex wide-leg trousers and broad-shouldered blazers. I’m talking about blazers and pants that look loose as if you are wearing your boyfriend’s blazer or your dad’s pants. We see the wide paca trousers and wide shouldered blazer trend in almost every brand’s ramp. It was Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Versace and Chanel that caught my attention the most.


One of the trends of this year is jeans. Especially in the new Balmain collection, the most present piece of the brand was jeans.The ramp was full of jeans. Victoria Beckham had a jeans design that expanded towards the peaks of the so called Flare and it was very much admired. At Chanel, we saw a lot of colorful jeans.

Low Rise

Low waist trousers, which remained in fashion for a long time in the early 2000s, are becoming a trend again in 2021. In the last few seasons, everyone has been so used to high waist jeans, low waist trousers are almost forgotten. It is a really pleasing trend especially for women with thin waist. Many brands have already used it this year’s summer trends. We see this trend a lot on the Versace ramp, but other brands did it too.


The modern form of the bra, which comes to light, bralettes warm the new season with a strong emphasis on femininity. It’s a trend that you can use to match with long skirts or high waist shorts. Brands like Roland Mouret and Boss bring out the official side of bralette.


With a slightly mixed retro stance, rope details are entering the summer trend again. The Nensi Dojaka design we saw on Bella Hadid is one of the best examples. Different interpretations of this trend also display an elegant approach. The ropes used in different forms from the open areas of the dresses seem to come to the fore next season too with the help of the brands such as Stella Jean, Altuzarra, and Christopher Esber.

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