Stellar Data Recovery: Best Free Data Recovery Solution

Stellar Data Recovery

With so many free and paid data recovery software solutions out there, it gets quite hard for you to find the one that works the best for you. You need a data recovery tool that recovers all kinds of media and documents, and it restores everything in the best and the fastest way.

If you are looking for the best data recovery tool online, then we have just the right tool for you!

In this article, we are going to talk about Stellar Data Recovery software and the features that it has to offer. This software solution will help you take care of all your data recovery needs.  

About Stellar Data Recover 

Stellar Data Recovery is your best choice for restoring your deleted data for free. The free version of this tool is enough for most data recovery jobs. You can recover as much as about 1GB of data for free with this tool and if you want to increase the data recovery limit, then you’d need to upgrade to the professional version. 

Stellar Data Recover makes the recovery of lost data a whole lot easier and simpler for everyone. With this tool, you won’t need to buy data recovery services from the market. This tool has been designed in a simple way, and anyone can use this tool to recover lost data with ease. 

Stellar Data Recovery Best Features

  • Recover Up to 1 GB Data for Free

The most prominent feature of this tool is the amount of data that you can recover using the free version. With this tool, you can recover and restore as much as 1GB of data for free. There are not many tools out there that can match the level of performance that it has to offer. You can use this tool to restore 1GB of deleted files for free. There is always the option to go for the paid version if you want to increase the data restore limit.   

  • Recover Lost Files from PC, Laptop, Hard Drive & USB Stick

This tool works equally well on PCs as well as laptop devices. You can use this tool to recover data from internal as well as external storage devices. You can restore deleted files from the Hard Drive of your PC as well as from USB storage. Whether your device is formatted or is corrupted, Stella Data Recover is all you need to restore your important files.    

  • Preview the Recovered Files 

When you are using this data recovery tool, it would show you all the files that have been deleted from the storage device. You can pick the files that you want to restore and preview them to ensure that these are the files that you want back. After that, you can just select the files that you want restored and the software would take care of the rest.  

  • Easy to Use Data Recovery Solution 

The problem with most data recovery solutions is that they are not beginner friendly. These tools have complicated UI designs that make it easier for you to use these tools. There is no such issue with Stellar Data Recovery. This tool is easy to use and features a simple and friendly user interface. 

  • Recover Formatted Media with Ease

This tool supports the recovery of hundreds of file formats. With it is media you want to restore or documents, this tool is all you need to take care of all data recovery tasks. You can also get the business version of the software for managing file repair and restore tasks. Restore media files like images, videos, and audio files using the powerful restore features of Stellar Data Recovery.    

Upgrade to Pro to Unlock More Features

Final Words

Losing your important data can create massive frustration for you. Recovering these lost i.e. deleted or formatted files is the only way you can deal with it. Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition is your best choice for that. This tool offers cross-platform support and allows you to recover data using windows as well as Mac devices. We highly recommend that you check out Stellar Data Recovery and use it to recover and restore your important media, files, and documents.    

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