The Benefits of Using Online Training Software For Small Businesses

Employee Training Software is a software product designed for use by small businesses to help with all levels of employee training. Common features of most employee training software are online or email-based training. 

The online employee training software can be Web-based or installed on personal computers. This enables small businesses the ability to train employees who could be located in many different locations, while still allowing trainers to collaborate on well training. Trainers can log into the software from any location they choose and get their work done. If a trainer were to be out of the office, however, there would still be a record of all work completed. Like this, using online training software can be beneficial to small businesses in such ways:

  • Onboarding-

The common feature of online training software for small businesses is onboarding. The idea behind onboarding is to make new employees feel welcomed and comfortable within the company. This makes them want to do better work and add to the overall productivity of the business as a whole. Having a culture of trust within an organization can help new employees trust others in the company, which leads to overall increased productivity.

  • Ability to track progress-

An important aspect of online training software for small businesses is the ability to track progress with the learners over time. Most employee training programs allow learners to set goals, review completed lessons, and create assignments on their own, but often the courses are not monitored. With web-based courses, each lesson can be tracked individually, giving managers the ability to see the overall progress over time.

  • Easy learning-

Many of the same benefits apply to online training software as to in-person training sessions. It is much easier for people to complete the course materials when working at their desk at home. They don’t have to deal with the disruptive nature of an instructor in person. 

  • Review the course material-

Furthermore, the material can be reviewed at any time, allowing managers to make sure that all the material covered is relevant to the job. Reviewing the course materials beforehand eliminates the need to reread sections that have been already completed.

  • Strengthening employee’s soft skills-

There are many other good ways that online training software for small businesses can benefit employees. One way is through strengthening employee’s soft skills. Online courses offer employees an opportunity to develop and hone their managerial and interpersonal skills through various scenarios that they may encounter. Managers can use this experience as a teaching moment as well, allowing them to see how they are performing against expectations. Managers who take a good look at their employees’ soft skills will be able to find opportunities to develop those skills in their workforce.

  • Gamification –

Another benefit of online training software for small businesses is gamification. Gamification refers to the use of game-like challenges to encourage participants to participate. An easy way to gamify an LMS is by providing items such as stamps, tickets, or candy that can be collected as points. These rewards can be redeemed when a participant submits a completed survey or forms an online group. The more points a participant has collected, the better his performance will be rated by other members in the LMS.

  • Integration of LMS into existing platforms-

One other benefit of using online training software for small businesses is through the integration of LMS into existing platforms. Microsoft’s Lynn is one such platform that can be easily integrated with an LMS. This way, LMS users will be able to share files, applications, and programs through a centralized interface. They can also do this while their screens are isolated from others on the network. In other words, it allows the sharing of documents while offline. This functionality has been specially designed to allow for document viewing and editing tasks while not being connected to the Internet.


Online training software for small businesses is a very effective management tool for two reasons. First, it makes it easier for the managers to keep tabs on how employees are progressing and improve overall performance. Second, it helps ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date so that they can effectively guide their employees. And finally, by integrating online training software with employee training resources such as the corporate website, online training software for small businesses can be easily customized to meet your unique needs.

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