How NOT to Go Broke in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online?

Red Dead Redemption

It’s been quite a while now that Red Dead Redemption 2 was released and there is a big number of players deep into the game roaming around in the massive open world.

One big challenge in the world of Red Dead is making money and not having money is always a problem. Be it a video game or real life.

Not having enough money is going to deprive you of major elements of the game. No money? No weapons. No weapons? No surviving in the harsh world of Red Dead Redemption.

Making money in RDR2 is a lot similar to the mechanisms of GTA online, you can go from heists to armed robberies, looting bodies, hunting and going fishing. Making money was never the real deal here though; saving is what takes a lot. So, how to save in the first place? Here are a few tips that can save you from going broke in RDR Online:

Save Money in RDR Online

The major items to spend on are medicine, ammo and tonics. Loot bodies and you are definitely going to get some ammo out of the corpses which allow you to spend less cash on ammo. And well, you get valuables too that could be sold for bucks. Keeping a regular check on the missions also helps keep your pockets brimmed up. Playing mini-games like blackjack or poker does the trick but only if you manually save the game first – you don’t want to lose your money. Another way is to go all INDIANA JONES! And start looking for treasures.

Never leave a location without searching it thoroughly (drawers, chests and various containers plus items that are lying in plain sight). You can find jewellery and some cash that’s surely worth a bit. Avoid doing all this publicly though; the trouble is just waiting afoot if you take the risk. There is also a huge amount of junk that has no use and can be sold for money, don’t forget to rid yourself of all the trash from time to time. 

Small things like taking care of your horse and guns have a big significance in the game and keeping them in good condition save you a huge amount of trouble. You got to BE RESPONSIBLE!!! While all of these are tricks and hacks help you out through the game. There are different marketplaces out there where you can purchase the game’s currency or even RDR2 accounts to dive in. I have come across various clients but the most trustworthy and legitimate one I have found is Eldorado, I have been a loyal customer ever since I found them. I strongly believe you are going to do the same if you just try them out for once.

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