Why Play Snakes, Ladders and Ludo Online?

Snakes, Ladders

Snakes, ladders and ludo are well-known games that have been played in India for ages. While Snakes and Ladders was known as Moksha Patam, Ludo was known as Pachisi. With time, it made its way to England and was sold as Snakes and Ladders. Later it was introduced in the U.S as Chutes and Ladders. Today, you can use a snake and ladder apk and download the game and enjoy playing it online.


Snakes and Ladders was associated with Hindu philosophy contrasting karma and kama (destiny and desire). It emphasized more on destiny as opposed to games such as pachisi which focused on life as a mixture of skill and luck. The game was used as a tool for teaching the effects of good versus bad deeds. The board game included symbolic images, the top featuring angels, gods and majestic beings while the rest of the board had images of people, animals, and flowers.

The ladders represented virtues such as faith, humility and generosity while the snakes signified vices such as lust, murder, anger and theft. Put simply, the moral lesson of the game is that a person can attain Moksha (salvation) by doing good deeds while doing bad deeds will ensure they are reborn as lower forms of life. Also, the number of ladders was less than that of snakes serving as a reminder that the path of good is more difficult to tread than the path of sins.

On the other hand, Ludo was previously known as Pachisi or Parcheesi. It is sometimes known as the national game of India. It was a race game where four players played on a cross-shaped board. Each player had to race their pieces from the centre, around the board and then back and in the process capture opponents’ pieces and send them back to the start. The game was played in partnerships and it was won and lost by partners and not individuals.

Today, both these games have been modified to suit millennials and are available online through apps or websites. You can simply use snakes and ladders apk and download the game app on your smartphone and start playing whenever you wish to.

Advantages of playing online snakes, ladders and ludo games

  • Triggers Your Cognitive Skills

There’s no denying that board games help enhance your cognitive skills and contribute to rapid brain development. Dealing with the randomness of the dice, moving your pawns strategically, etc., put together stimulate your brain cells for better performance. Also, online snake and ladder game come with their own challenges and unique algorithms to keep the game exciting.

  • Helps Cope With Mental Illnesses

Stress, depression and anxiety have become part and parcel of our lives. Many people in fact suffer in silence. However, with board games and online games, there is some hope to uplift mood and make one feel better. People who play online games can forget their worries and stress for some time and relax.

  • Teaches Important Lessons

Strategy games like ludo teaches you a lot about personal or soft skills. It ensures you cope with losses and successes gracefully. Additionally, online games teach you teamwork, sportsmanship and decision-making are critical to win.

  • A Great Family Entertainer

Online games can be fun and relaxing when played with your family and friends. You can build memories by spending quality time with your loved ones. So, consider any snake and ladder apk and use it to download the game app and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Where Can You Play Snakes, Ladders and Ludo Online?

There are several apps available on Apple Store and Play Store that you can download free of cost. Also, there are several online gaming platforms that allow you to play for money or free depending on their terms and conditions. Interestingly, online snakes, ladders and ludo games hold tournaments which can help you win cash prizes.


Online board games have several advantages if used appropriately. These games not just entertain but also contribute towards an individual’s development. However, make sure you choose reputable sites and apps and not get addicted to these games. Try to spend an hour or two to relieve you of your day’s stress and then get going with life.

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