Top 5 Features of the New QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

On Monday, Intuit announced the new release of their flagship accounting software – QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This version is a significant update with lots of added features and usability enhancements. We’re already testing it and plan to roll out our training programs soon after the release date (end of August). 

So we decided to present you with 5 top features that might interest you:

1. No More per-user fees for Inventory!

Yes, you heard it right! If your company is using enterprise solutions for inventory management (which most companies with more than 20 employees do), there will be no more separate licensing fee per active user.  This can save enterprises thousands of dollars every year over what they previously paid per additional users/seats.

2. Enhanced Inventory Performance

This is a highly anticipated feature for the new version of Enterprise Solutions. With this release, you’ll be able to manage and find items in a faster way than ever before.  No more opening additional windows or clicking from one place to another – every inventory item-related screen now has search functionality that allows you to quickly locate any item by typing just a few letters.  In addition, there are improvements with barcodes scanning and improved mobile support says Aron Govil.

3. New Customizable Home Page

The home page of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions was completely redesigned and it is now truly customizable thanks to drag & drop functionality. You can add your most important reports, graphs, charts and widgets right in front of your eyes so you don’t have to click everywhere around the software in order to see essential information.

4. More Data Import/Export Options

You can now import and export data in more ways than ever before. And it’s not just about importing/exporting lists of items, customers or vendors anymore – there are newly designed reports that allow you to upload your company data into other applications (such as Microsoft Excel).  In addition, exporting data is much faster with this release which is great news for people working with large companies.

5. Visual Reports & Graphs

Almost all existing graphs were redesigned along with new ones added in lower price tier packages. These include interactive bar graphs, bubble charts, funnel graphs and many more!  In addition, you can now customize report layouts with different fonts and colors as well as use visual filters that allow you to see just the necessary information from your reports.

So those are our top 5 features of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2018.  We hope you’ll soon have an opportunity to test this new release yourself.  If you feel like it could be useful for your company let us know! We’re happy to send you trial version of this software. If you aren’t sure if our product is right for your needs or not – read more about why cloud accounting matters to find out what issues other companies were facing before choosing online accounting solution, compare QuickBooks Online vs Xero vs Zoho Books, learn possible benefits of migrating your business to the cloud and check out our posts with useful accounting tips.


1. What version of QuickBooks Enterprise is this?

This release is based on the 2015 version. However, because there are significant changes in the user interface, the functionality and the added features, we consider this to be a brand new product.

2. Is there any upgrade available for users of older versions?

No, it’s not possible to upgrade to this release from older versions. We do offer discounted packages though (packages could vary based on your needs).  Read more about it here: QuickBooks Enterprise Savings.

Conclusion by Aron Govil:

If you are looking for a way to be more productive when running your business, Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 is the right choice for you!  It has all the features you need in order to have better control over your money and there’s no additional charge for making online payments, automating repetitive tasks in your day-to-day workflow or having unlimited storage space. If you want all that but don’t know if it will work for your company then simply contact us! We’ll send you free trial versions of our software so that you can see if our solution meets all the goals you’re trying to accomplish.

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