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PS Plus

With over 114 million active monthly users worldwide, PlayStation continues to be the leading console gaming platform. The release of the next-gen PS5 console is a perfect opportunity to reassess the value of PS Plus memberships that started off in the era of PlayStation 3 and the premium benefits that come with them. If you feel like your gaming experience on your Sony console needs some elevating, then PS Plus subscription might be the exact thing you are looking for.

What is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation users have free access to the dedicated PlayStation Network service, however, the features are limited. To provide players with a chance to enjoy premium features of what Sony’s network can provide, a PlayStation Plus subscription was released back in 2010. It’s a paid membership that unlocks the best of what PlayStation service can offer in terms of gaming , multimedia, and overall user experience. 

PlayStation can be purchased based on the period of time the subscription remains active, for instance, users can buy PS Plus 365, meaning that they will be using the subscription for a whole year. It’s of essential importance to note that the subscription needs to be renewed because the games acquired via PS Plus and other benefits will be lost otherwise. In other words, PS is the gateway to a full-fledged PSN experience.

What are the benefits of PS Plus?

PS Plus is a subscription that many players don’t imagine their gaming experience without on their Sony consoles. Those are the premium features that become accessible for PS Plus subscribers:

  • PlayStation Plus collection
  • Online multiplayer and Play Share for PS4 and PS5
  • Early access to beta trials of games
  • Cloud game-saving; you will be able to save up to 100 GB
  • Exclusive membership discounts on Playstation Store
  • Special themes and avatars
  • 2 free video games monthly

An interesting fact is that all of these premium features are optional except for one – online multiplayer. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gamers need a PS Plus subscription to play video games in a global online community. Other than that, these bonus features are exceedingly beneficial and pay off in the long run. With PS Plus membership, players no longer have to worry about free space, they can grow a game library in the PScollection, enjoy exclusive discounts that can go as high as 80%, and claim two free games each month that include even the most popular modern AAA titles.

Is PS Plus worth it then?

PlayStation Plus is everything PSN can never be and the subscription is of great value even if we exclude the online multiplayer feature. With the ever-expanding gaming library and capabilities of the ninth generation PlayStation console, players should be more than ever interested in extending their storage, for instance, and the free space provided by the subscription is more than enough. Basically, players with PS Plus are under the consistent stream of free games (two per month), free early accesses before the games are even published, and discounted titles especially for members. 

The benefits are a huge perk and cater to the needs of both casual and avid PlayStation players. Of course, the worth of PS Plus is immeasurable for players whose library is mostly made up of multiplayer or co-op video games, however, the real benefit lies in the fact that you get more than what you pay for. The monthly two free games happen to be at least 3-5 major titles annually and member-exclusive deals include some considerable discounts so you can buy games at significantly cheaper prices. 

Acquire PlayStation Plus cheaper

While the PlayStation Plus subscription is an apparent top-notch service with an abundance of extra features and access to premium content, it can be pricey for some players. One of the cheaper and secure ways to acquire PS Plus is to purchase them in a form of codes from trusted retailers such as Eneba since activation keys are sold at lower prices than their monetary value. PS Plus product keys, once bought, are activated on the PlayStation Store and the only thing you need for that is an active account on the said platform. Acquire PS Plus subscription cheaper and enjoy your complete PlayStation gaming experience with a full package of premium features.

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