Protecting Data from Ransomware: Tips to Protect Important Data


Protecting data from Ransomware and other malware threats is a big business concern for businesses of all sizes. Businesses should ensure that they have adequate backup and data protection to safeguard client data, systems, and networks from these potential security issues. Backup and data protection can be accomplished by several different methods, but it is vital that businesses implement one or more methods to properly secure their data from these threats. Some of the tips to protect important data from Ransomware attacks are as follows:

Use Cloud Storage:

This is by far one of the most popular backup strategies for securing client data across multiple locations. Businesses that use off-site cloud storage services can easily secure their important data by establishing a secure vault, then backing up files to the cloud on a regular basis. Veeam object lock is the best option for you, in order to protect your important data. This allows them to make use of a ‘non-disruptive backup strategy’ that will continue to protect files even when the organization’s IT team is not available. For maximum protection and functionality, cloud storage services must be used in addition to off-site backup solutions.

Use Effective Secretaries:

Effective secretaries are an asset in any organization because they not only keep the office running smoothly, but also can help protect important business information by thwarting Ransomware attacks. When selecting secretaries to implement a backup and security program, select individuals who have strong computer skills, excellent typing skills, and extensive experience with backup programs. It is important to choose well-rounded individuals who will be able to handle the administrative tasks necessary for implementing effective security procedures. Also, make sure that the individuals you select are certified and trained in computer security.

Utilize Backup Software:

There are many available backup programs on the market today that are very affordable and simple to use. Many of these programs allow data to be recovered from any number of computers or storage devices. Having a backup plan in place before a security incident occurs minimizes the amount of damage that can be done.

Establish Data Backup:

A data backup plan is one of the most important aspects of protecting data from ransomware. A data backup plan should be developed prior to the implementation of a data disaster recovery plan. If the organization’s IT staff does not already have a data backup plan, create one and implement it at all levels of the organization.

Maintain Strong Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS):

An IDS is an effective way of detecting computer attacks because it can determine what type of computer attack is executed. In this way, an organization can protect its data by preventing attacks on its servers and computers. Additionally, an IDS can also monitor the activities of employees who access data on company servers.

Train Employees:

Installing and utilizing effective data protection software is only part of the battle. Train employees on the proper use of computers and servers. Inform them about the need to back up their data regularly. Also, instruct them to change their passwords often – the hacker may have gained access to a company’s backup system just before a data backup was made.

Manage Time and Workload:

The longer a business spends without making a regular backup or taking preventive measures on its data, the more likely it is to suffer a data disaster. Give your employees enough time to perform their normal tasks. Make a list of tasks for each employee to accomplish. Also, ask employees who are regularly using the network to cut back on their computer usage. A well-designed backup strategy will reduce the number of computers running on the network when a disastrous event strikes.

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