Picture Perfect Room = Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

For anyone who wants to come off as a mini-millionaire without actually making that point vocal, a canvas print is one way of doing it. Enter into their place, and you will encounter at least one canvas print in their house, which “means something” to them. 

Thanks to the affordable prices, everyone wants to get on the canvas print bandwagon. And due to this reason, custom canvas prints have finally managed to creep up with the sales of other sizes. So, what exactly is it that makes canvas prints so lucrative and so mesmerizing? Read on. 

Canvas prints have a quality of panache, style, substance, and most of all, that artsy feel to it. While it is logical to have a memorial image on a canvas, the most common canvas prints are with reproductions of timeless art pieces, like the Mona Lisa or the Last Supper. And when you blow them up in size, it can make or break the decor in any room. 

What kind of canvas print you choose is your preference since the room should exude the vibe that resonates with you. However, to make sure the canvas print has a binding effect, some things need to be made sure.

There are a few ways in which you can lay out a canvas print on your wall. You might find inspiration on Google, or you might find it offline in a store. But before you go searching, here are some of the best things you can get as a canvas print-

  • Family Photo/Memory– The best of the lot. Memorialize a sweet memory for the entire family to remember.
  • Maps– Dream about world travel or destination travel? Get a world map or the map of your favorite destination printed on a canvas. 
  • Quotes– In love with a quote from a movie or a real-life figure? Remind yourself of it every day when you walk through that room and be inspired.
  • Artist Reproduction– We all look enviously at the millionaires on TV how easily they buy original artist canvases. Well, you can scoop up an HD image of that painting and get it printed on a canvas to feel like them. And that too at throwaway prices.
  • Geometric Patterns– Sometimes, a specific kind of pattern binds a room together. Geometric patterns imbue a certain vibe that is cool, chic, and yet modern. 
  • Gallery Design– Want to build a family collage of photos or a collection you want to display? Pick up smaller prints and bring them together to form your gallery. 
  • Broken Prints– The artistic side of canvas prints. Break a photo into multiple parts, print them on various canvases, and bring them together to form the image.
  • Abstract Design– More times than not, an abstract design inspires us more instead of something specific. In that case, just get that design printed on a canvas and watch the magic happen.

6 Things to keep in mind with Canvas prints:

Before you go all in, there are some things that you need to understand to make sure that the canvas print does justice to your room and your ideas. The following are those:

  1. Analyze the space– Understand what kind of space you have and how much space is needed by the canvas print in size.
  2. Allow some negative space– After you have analyzed the room, make sure that there is an equivalent amount of space on the wall in at least two directions of the canvas. Preferably on the sides. 
  3. Set a vibe– Instead of just putting up any design on the wall, Google some canvas prints designs. Whether it’s a quote, an art reproduction, an original production, or an abstract pattern, figure out what you want on that wall. This will help you double down on the vibe of the room. 
  4. Understand the color play– While it is easy to be swayed by an image on Google about that perfect home decor, understand what kind of colors they have used and what variety of colors you have in your home. In most cases, the canvas print should be of contrasting color tone to your wall. This will make it noticeable.
  5. Get a Virtual look– Once you have finalized all of the nitty-gritty of what you will put on the wall and which service you will use for the custom print, it’s time for a virtual tryout. There are tons of online platforms that allow you to put the image on the wall on your computer screen. 

Pro Tip: Take a perspective picture of your room. Put it on your laptop. Then, put the scale image of the canvas on top of the designated wall. This will give you an idea of whether your idea is going in the right direction. 

  1. Finalize– After full deliberation and making sure what you want, it’s time to finalize the service to do your custom print. Ranging from the type of material to the region they operate to the prices they ask. When everything matches, put your canvas print in for purchase. 

Armed with these insider tips, you can now quickly get a custom canvas print at dirt-low prices. And if you don’t want to do the hard work of searching for the best service that can help you, check out CanvasChamp now!

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