8 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Online Nursing Degree

Online Nursing Degree

Online Nursing Degree education has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Few people would have predicted the state it is in today, and we can finally start to see a future when online courses could start competing with traditional classes for attention. It’s easy to understand why when we look at all the advantages these classes have to offer. They are great both for people who are already nurses and those thinking of entering the field. Here’s why.

They Offer a Unique Chance at Advancement

Established nurses know how important it is to keep learning and how having higher credentials can transform their careers. The issue for many of them is that they already have their hands full at work and can’t imagine how they could squeeze some study time in.

However, with online classes, you have lots of flexibility and the format is more suitable for busy professionals. You could study for an online DNP program from Baylor University on your time and from the comfort of your home. Some universities will require that you attend online classes at a certain time, while others allow you to watch them on your own time within a set schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of online classes is that you don’t have to commute. You can decide to go somewhere quiet after your shifts so you can study, or do it from home if it’s not too hectic. You can decide to take classes in the evenings only or on the weekends. Another thing you could do is stretch out your studies to make things easier for you. With all things considered, nothing beats online classes when it comes to convenience.

It’ll Cost You Less

Another benefit of online nursing classes is that you won’t have to pay as much. While you shouldn’t expect huge savings on tuition, you will still be able to save on things like study material and campus fees. Not to mention that you won’t have to spend money on gas or a transit pass. You’ll get the chance to live at home and won’t have to move to another state to go to the school of your choice. You’ll also find yourself spending much less on things like takeout, for instance.

Get Credentials Faster

There are also tons of online nursing programs that will allow you to get your credentials way faster. If you’re an RN, you can start looking at bridge programs that will allow you to fast-track your way to a master’s or a doctorate. These could allow you to get the highest credentials in nursing in a fraction of the time. The best thing is that you’ll be able to gradually apply the different skills you learn and open yourself up for advancement even as you take your courses.

Interactive Experience

One misconception people have about online classes is that they don’t allow for the same level of connection with other students and the teaching staff, but that couldn’t further from the truth. If anything, they could make interactions much easier for some.

For example, you can reach teaching staff by text during classes. This allows the educators to process everyone’s questions and make sure that they’re answered. This is not something that can be easily done in a live lecture. Also, some people might be naturally introverted and not great at communicating with other people in person. In this case, online classes could actually be liberating.

Great for Parents

If you want to advance your education, have a job, AND are a parent, then you might have no choice but to opt for an online nursing degree. Juggling all of these things is almost impossible, especially if you have to do it alone.

If you take classes from home, you won’t have to worry as much. You won’t have to pay for a babysitter, which would add to the overall costs. You can also decide to take classes after your children have gone to sleep or early in the morning before taking them to school. 

Great Opportunity for Advancement

Online classes are also a great way to advance your career. You can look at where the trends are heading in the industry and where you are. You might notice that a lot of senior nurses in your practice are getting ready for retirement – this would be a great time to get the qualifications needed to be able to apply for their positions.

Or maybe you want to work in an entirely different role? If you can’t deal with the floor anymore, know that you can move into fields like research, administration, or education by getting higher credentials online. This could be an opportunity to get a much-needed change of pace and get paid better as well.

More School Options

As you may already know, there is a huge shortage of faculty in nursing and getting into a traditional program is tougher than ever. So, you have to be prepared for the reality that you may not be able to get into the nursing school you had hoped to. In this case, you might have to look at out-of-state schools or reconsider your whole career trajectory. 

With online programs, you’ll have a wider selection of schools to choose from. You can base your choice on schools you feel you have a shot at getting into, or on those that offer the program you’re interested in. Either way, online nursing programs allow you to broaden your options and increase your chances of getting in.

More Personal Involvement

One of the best things about online classes is that they put you in the driver’s seat. You have more control over your learning and pace. This is the kind of freedom that attracts people to online classes, and, if you have the proper disposition, you could thrive in this type of format.


As you can see, there are tons of reasons why online nursing classes are such a great option. Make sure that you consider them and speak with other people who have experienced them for further advice.

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