Latest Mobile App Development Trends Shaping the App Industry

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Marketing Strategies that can ensure business in these unsure times

App development trends the mobile app industry is sitting on the verge of a literal digital revolution. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the world is in a state of a virtual lockdown with people and Governments running scared in the chaos of what next? The only thing that is actually moving up, apart from the obvious healthcare products and services, is technology. Technology has proven itself to be the apt platform of growth that is delivering services, experience, and thus, business to the people, within their homes, within their phones. 

As a result, the mobile app development industry is on an all-time high. Since, everything and everybody including schools, huge universities, and even doctors are looking for online modes of work, there has been a sudden surge in demand of mobile app developers and app development companies who deliver quality products in time. Businesses are on a lookout to hire an app developer who is well versed with the intricacies involved in the job.

Another factor herein has been the freetime on people’s hands and a general meltdown of businesses everywhere, which has forced individuals to think about better and more adaptable business ideas that will have the prowess to withhold the turmoils of time. Nonetheless, technology should and will feature in all of them as the perfect carrier of all times.

In short, technology, digital markets and digital marketing strategies are in great demand and for those, who have turned a blind eye in its direction, risk blindness towards sales and business sustainability for a very long time to come. 

Internet Ideas That Seem To Work:

Let us now understand some of marketing strategies doing rounds that have yielded sales success to a great extend for businesses the world over:

  • Data will stay the King: Well one of the most common sayings in digital markets circles is that ‘Data is the King’. It seems to remain so for a very long time to come. With Artificial Intelligence and its tools coming of age, this saying is much more than true now. Search and page visit histories shall enable businesses to understand customer orientations and take informative decisions as to what product, service, price, and marketing line will work for them. This shall enable far and for that matter, very sharp-sighted customer targeting. Data-driven decisions, especially in the retail and shopping App development trends shall become the new norm.
  • Automated Bots shall increase Efficiency and Customer Experience: Have you noticed the automatic chat boxes that pop up when we visit certain website pages? These are the chatbots or the messaging bots that are touted to grow manifolds in terms of numbers and experience. With physical shops closed and saleswoman and salesmen at home, these chatbots provide technology-backed salesman services to the intended customers. They enrich the customer experience by giving them an option to directly put in queries with the company and find easy solutions. Visitors tend to stay for a longer period of time on these websites.      
  • Machine Learning and its Experts will prove Advantageous: Every business, big or small is headed the mobile application way. In an environment, where millions of applications are going online every minute, there is a direct competition amongst business players in terms of user focus, customer attraction, and altogether online experience. With several technical tools being used up to the hilt; new experiences require newer innovations of tools that shall enrich user experience. This is where Machine Learning factors in. It helps existing tools and languages to be innovatively utilized.
  • Enriching Customer Experience will be the Key: The only thing businesses shall soon focus on will be customers who are on a lookout for their products and services and giving them a wholesome customer experience during the process. Amazon has come up with ‘Alexa’ and Google has come up with ‘Google Home’ to this degree already. Customers shall just have to say as to what they are on a lookout for, and technology shall get the rest done. We see an upward trend in push marketing strategies through more use of these device’s intels and search results.
  • Security will be another Important Development to Focus On: With billions of mobile app development trends applications demanding user permissions and millions of data hackers on the sprawl, the customers are slowly but, surely beginning to look into security certificates of websites, payment gateways used, the security of transactions, etc. These issues may not be on their priority list as of now but are sooner or later going to gain the desired attention. Customers may check on these aspects of websites and mobile applications before locking in on their choice of business models. This is an important and very important aspect of mobile app development.


As of now, the customers and markets may not seem to be in a very happy place. But, optimistic and opportunistic times are deemed to return, and they shall be required to be dealt with their own set of challenges. These digital marketing strategies are here to stay and shall help mitigate risks involved in marketing investments. You should own them soon to use them well!!

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