How to choose the how to choose the best marketing images for your social media campaign images for your social media campaign

Best Marketing Images

Social media over the last decade or so has been one of the primary areas that people use to shop for products. Images have become an essential aspect of a social media post and a great way to catch a consumer’s attention and make them interested in your brand.

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Sure, you may use some basic images for social media posts right now. The question is: are they helping make your post stand out from the algorithm and the crowd?

Here are some suggestions for how to choose marketing images that will work best for your social media marketing campaign.

Factors to Consider When Using Images

There’s no special number for the amount of photos that will bring the most engagement. Yet, there is a likely chance you might be using fewer photos than you need to. Having many marketing photos in every post on your social media marketing campaign has to have a purpose while

  • increasing the SEO on your posts
  • breaking the text in your posts up for optimal reading (especially when viewing on mobile)
  • allow opportunities for people to engage with your posts and share them with others who may be interested in your brand

When choosing marketing photos, there are important factors to consider when taking it into account.

  • Is it engaging?
  • Does the image fall under clickbait and have nothing to do with the post’s topic?
  • Does it fit your brand?
  • Does it show the right message you want to convey?

Any photos you use have to positively affect the reader’s experience with your post while providing information that can’t be said through copy alone.

Taking these factors into account will help users grow to trust your brand and create better results for any social media marketing campaigns you might pursue.

Organize Your Marketing Images

Using a photo organizer will help you arrange which photos for social media you will use for platforms like Instagram or Pinterest instead of being lost in folders on your desktop or Dropbox. It will help keep your workflow efficient and help save time for the parts of social media marketing that also matters.

Consider Using Templates

To create marketing images for your brand, you may either create your own images or find stock photos that can be downloaded from other websites. Creating your photos or custom designs can help you stand apart from the competition and build stronger brand loyalty. But, creating photos can be costly, and getting low-cost images online can help save money and bring variety to your posts.

Stock photos that are free and downloadable to anyone can be found on websites like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Burst. Remember: any stock photos you might use has to fit your brand’s aesthetic, fit within your marketing budget, and not appear too clickbaity. 

Any images you use for social media should be either 72 pixels per inch (800 x 1,000 pixels) at least.

Once you’ve chosen your images, create a few templates that you can use your photos and customize across all the platforms your brand uses. This will help create brand consistency that your customers will come to expect.

Customization options for your photos can include adding text, illustrations, and your company logo or URL. Adding these options, plus other visual elements will make your images easier to share as customers will know you created it.

Types of Photos for Social Media to Use

Here are a few examples of the different kinds of photos you can use for your social media marketing campaign. These will catch the eyes of those loyal to your brand or just coming across your accounts for the first time.

  • Quotes: If you found a quote that seems relevant to your company’s mission or industry, why not share that with the world? Use a pre-made, creatively designed template to insert your quote.
  • Pictures of employees or owners at your company: People coming across your brand want to see the people behind the products they love. A great way to do this is by highlighting a few employees or business owners. Then, tell facts about them, their interests, and why they love working there. Sometimes simple is the best way forward!
  • Seasonal images: Social media users love to see content related to different times of life. Adding a timely decoration or seasonal image is one way to create engagement and catch their interest. Be sure the photo has some kind of seasonal decoration either around your product, your offices, or a stock photo you might use.
  • Brand announcements: Any announcements about your brand shouldn’t just be limited to text. A photo will help make the announcement memorable and send information quickly.
  • Behind the scenes– These can work similarly to pictures of a company’s employees. They can include pictures from industry conferences, product creation, and events happening in the workplace.
  • Product images: Share aesthetically pleasing images of your company’s products. Some great ways to do this are by showing the product in action, putting it on top of an interesting background, and adding info about its features or any promotions happening.
  • User-generated content: These are the simplest, though often one of the most effective in terms of engagement. These are when you repost a photo from someone that has engaged with your company online. Then, you add a public call-out to their profiles. It is ideal to share the image after you’ve asked for permission and publically thank the customer or influencer.

Let These Images Bring Your Social Media to Life

Finding the right marketing images for your social media accounts is not simple. It can’t be used to shoehorn people who may otherwise be interested. Let this guide help you find the most effective marketing images for your social media campaigns on the platforms you use. Hopefully, these social media marketing tips will help social media users engage more with your brand and help your analytics.
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