Looking after your employees when working remotely

Working Remotely

In the past few years, it might be safe to say that Working remotely technology has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, with businesses striving to compete and perform all over the world. 

This is in no small part down to necessity. It may also be indicative of the incessantly lingering question that the coronavirus provides in regards to the uncertainty of the future. 

As technology is utilized on a daily basis by home workers everywhere, the conference calls and weighted decisions made by the simple sending of an email are beginning to take their toll.

If you happen to be worried about your employees and your fellow colleagues, there are a few ways in which you can let them know they are appreciated in a fast-paced world of remote working. 

A Phone Call

Even though you may spend a large portion of your time in conference meetings with your employees, it might not prove to be the best time to check up on their current well-being, especially in a communal environment. 

A quick phone call on a somewhat regular basis can provide a private space in which to share thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, the added element of a video call can make people feel self-conscious and even anxious. A simple phone call can be a great way to bypass this and provide effective communication. 

The one-to-one element of a phone call can show your employees that you have the time for them and that you care about their happiness at work. This can ultimately lead to a greater sense of loyalty amongst your team. 

On the Same Page

It can be hard to keep track of everyone’s preferred digital platform of communication. It is important to listen to your employees and use the software to benefit your team. 

Choosing to stick with a certain method is a good way to help people grow in confidence moving forward. Click here to find out more with regards to remote working technology. 

Once everyone is on the same page, you can start to formulate structured meetings in a more time efficient manner. 

Provide a Cooldown Space

The working day’s social aspect has certainly been one to suffer in light of the move online for many companies. When the only interaction amongst employees takes the form of meetings, and business transactions, the concept of the working relationship can start to deteriorate. 

In order to make sure that employees stay motivated, providing a virtual cooldown space in the form of an online hangout can liven the mood. 


When working remotely on a regular basis, it can be easy to get caught up in the work and move ever forward in the world of business without taking the time to stop and congratulate employees on their hard work. 

Good work gone unnoticed can be a terrible feeling, so making sure you take the time to tell your employees that you notice them and congratulate small victories can work wonders for boosting morale. 

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