How to create an effective website footer?

Effective Website Footer

Effective website footer want to see some brilliant website footer examples? We’ll tell you why footer design is so important. Also, with simple footer examples, you will understand what information should be placed in this block. Effective website footer owners often do not pay attention to the footer, thinking that it has no value: it is located at the very bottom and therefore is not interesting to users. But this is not the case. A properly designed basement with a well-thought-out design, competent structure and necessary content will attract the user’s attention, keep him on the site, and coordinate further actions. That is why the effectiveness of a well-created basement is undeniable. You can find even more examples on this page

What is a footer?

The footer (footer, footer) of the site is the very bottom of the page, where useful, but not essential information is placed. This can be absolutely any information that may be of interest to the target audience, as well as the information that should be on the site, but it is not rational to put it into the main menu in order to keep it compact and logical.

A well-optimized footer will facilitate site navigation and help achieve business goals, as it is an additional source of important information for the user if he did not find it on the page.

Emphasis on the important

One has only to conjure over the design of the basement, as it will become the main focus on useful information. Using the effective website footer, you can tell your client in more detail about the company and its activities, offer to subscribe to the newsletter or provide information to partners using an active link to the corresponding pages. The footer makes it easier for the user to navigate if he needs to go to any section on the site. To do this, he just needs to select the necessary link at the end of the site, without scrolling up the entire page. Therefore, it is in vain to think that the lower part of the site is useless. She will definitely find her user, attract attention and keep him on the site.

Maximum useful and important information

All useful information that does not fit in the menu or does not fit in its specifics can be placed in the footer. Expand legal information to your user, attract sponsors and partners, provide useful links for company employees. Believe me, such information will not be overlooked.

Site navigation

If the user has gone far from the header (site header) and is approaching the footer, it means that he has not yet found what is interesting and important to him. Placing navigation links will make it easier for your potential client to find the information he needs and will extend the time of using the site.

What should be in the site footer?

The content and design of the footer of the site footer are closely related. The design of the whole block depends on what will be placed in this part. Content elements depend on the activities of the company and the characteristics of the target audience. We will list most of the items that can be placed at the bottom of the page. You just have to choose the most suitable in your particular case, based on your business.

• Copyright.

• Awards and certificates.

• Site`s map.

• Privacy Policy / Terms of Use.

• Company contacts.

Footer will help to index absolutely all pages of the site using Sitemap, which is very good for its promotion. Do not miss the opportunity to retain the client by inviting him to fill out the feedback form. The feedback form will help convert a user into a customer. It helps visitors to make the final decision about cooperation if the user was not sure that he was ready for it earlier. In this case, the feedback form can contain various calls to action. For example, the call “Still have questions? Ask us ”works very well. Especially when the user could not find an answer to a question of interest.

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