How Much Does an Experienced Project Manager Earn?

Project Manager

Project managers play a vital role in the growth of a project. Hence, these professionals get fascinating wages throughout the globe. According to a report by Indeed, the average project manager salary in the United States is $76,911.

However, the project manager salary in the United States varies on different factors that can be seen further in this article:

Factors Affecting Project Manager Salary

The project manager salary depends on different factors, just like any other profession. Here are some factors that can fluctuate your project manager salary in the United States:

  • Work Experience

The first and most important factor is work experience. Experienced project managers get higher remuneration than freshers or mid-level professionals. Hence, we suggest you focus on gaining hands-on experience to grow as a project manager in this competitive era.

  • Location

Location is the second factor that can affect a project manager salary. Two people with the same skills, experience, and education can have different project manager salaries due to this factor. Hence, we suggest you find a job in a developed region to get the best in market project manager salary.

  • Education Level

You can get a better project manager salary than many competitors if you have a higher education degree. Therefore, we advise you to get a Masters degree in project management or a similar niche to earn and grow better as a project manager in this highly competitive market.

  • Certifications

You can find many online project management certification courses online via portals like Udemy, Coursera, EdX, etc. These certifications can strengthen your project management profile and help you increase your project management wages. Hence, we suggest you get the latest project management certification to boost your career as a project manager.

Highest Paying Project Manager Salary Industry

The industry you select will significantly impact your project manager salary. Hence, it becomes essential to walk on the right path to success rather than regret it later.

Considering this, we have listed the industries with the highest project management salaries. You can choose your enterprise according to your interest and wages associated with it:

Industry Name Highest Project Manager Salary
Consulting Project Manager Salary $132,500
Resources, Utilities, Energy Project Manager Salary $132,000
Pharmaceuticals Project Manager Salary $130,000
IT Project Manager Salary $120,000
Government Project Manager Salary $115,000
Healthcare Project Manager Salary $108,319
Construction Project Manager Salary $107,659


Key Takeaways

A project manager is the strongest pillar that holds the success of any project. Hence, you need to understand the algorithm that defines a project manager salary to get the finest wages as a project manager in your selected region.

You can keep these points in mind to earn better as a project manager:

  • Get a Masters degree from a renowned university in project management or a similar area
  • Get experience as a project manager in the initial days without worrying about wages
  • Find a job in a developed region or industry-specific area to get a better project manager salary
  • Earn online project management certifications to boost your salary in 2022
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