How Fitness Tracker is Changing the World in 2020

Fitness Tracker

Are you concerned about your fitness in lockdown? Many people are worried about their fitness because gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs are shut down due to the pandemic. So, most people are away from their workout routine and searching for ways to keep their physical fitness and mental health in order. In this situation, home workout, a fitness tracker, weight watchers scale, and online workout tutorials have become the guide for many people. 

Moreover, gyms and fitness centers are providing guidance to their clients via a digital medium. However, you may lose the motivation to exercise and keep track of your fitness progress. In this situation, fitness trackers such as fitness tracker bands or smartwatches play the role of your fitness guide. In this article, you will see how fitness tracker helps people to track their workout progress.

Before that, let’s know what is a fitness tracker and various types of fitness trackers. 

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Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a smart device that can help you keep ftness tracker of your activity progress. These devices can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can download your fitness data from the tracker. The data includes your number of steps while walking, distance while running, your sleeping pattern, and many other activities. 

When you collect these data from the device to your smartphone, it can guide you on how your workout data performing and how can you improve them. There are different types of fitness trackers available in the market. Let us see what are the different types of fitness trackers and which one best suit your requirement. 

Types of Fitness Trackers

Having a fitness tracker while working out is a great thing. But you must do your research before you buy a fitness tracker. If you are in search of the best fitness tracker that suits your requirement then continue reading.  


A ring fitness tracker is helpful for monitoring your sleep pattern, heart rate, along with other physical activity. You can take this with you anywhere you go, the battery lasts up to five days. It can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth and you can set your fitness goals in your application. You can wear this ring for swimming too because it is waterproof. However, this type of good quality ring fitness tracker is costly.

Wrist Band

Another popular type of fitness tracker is the wrist band. There are different types of wrist band type fitness trackers available. Different wrist bands come up with different features. Some of them can be used for measuring heart rate, sleeping patterns, physical activities like walking, running, hiking, cycling, jumping, dancing, swimming, etc. It can measure the calory burnt in each activity and helps you to track your fitness progress. 

Most of these wrist band fitness trackers are compatible with Android and can be connected via Bluetooth. Some of them have a digital display which shows you different activities and you can navigate the activities from the mobile phone. Some extra features like anti-sweat, digital ID, and password protected wrist bands are unique. The next type of fitness tracker is smartwatches.


Now smartwatches are also one type of watch which is multifunctional. You can access your mobile device menu on your smartwatch. It comes up with a GPS tracking system like a smartphone. You can listen to music and it will show you the track on which you do your cardio exercise like running, cycling, etc. 

Moreover, it will provide all the essential data about your fitness progress. Some of the smartwatches are sweat-proof and also waterproof (limited timing). If you have an iPhone, then you can buy an Apple smartwatch. It comes up with most of the functionalities of your iPhone.  Otherwise, you can choose other smartwatches that are compatible with android phones. Now let us see how fitness tracker is changing the world

Fitness Tracker Functionalities

Here are some specific ways that fitness trackers will help you to stay healthy and fit. 

Tracks Your Steps

The fitness trackers were not new to the world. Devices like smartwatches, fitness bands were used by many people earlier. But the popularity and importance of these devices have significantly increased in the lockdown. 

As people were staying at home for a long time, it is helping them to guide their workout progress. A fitness tracker helps you to track your steps and measures your heart rate, and some of the devices can track your exercises too. 

Moreover, some of these devices can alert if you sit idle for long hours in front of your TV, or laptop. In this way, the fitness tracker is helping people to stay active during this lockdown.

Tracks Your Sleeping Habit and Pattern 

Sleeping at least for 7-8 hours is required for having good health and fit body. This helps you track your sleeping habits and pattern. It alerts you if you go out of your sleeping schedule. This is extremely helpful in this lockdown situation. 

Tracks Your Heart Rate

For cardiovascular exercises and burning fat heart rate plays an important role. It tracks your heart rate while juggling, running, walking, or any type of cardio exercises it helps you track your heart rate. The intensity of your workout can be measured from the heart rate. It helps you keep your cardiovascular system by showing data about your calories burnt. This helps you to set your workout goals. 

Final Words 

I hope that the above information has helped you to know how the fitness tracker is changing the way people were doing exercise. If you don’t have a fitness tracker, then consider buying one because it will help you to stay fit and healthy in this situation. If you have an iPhone, then you can buy an Apple smartwatch. 

However, it is a bit costly as your iPhone. You can use a simple smartwatch if you have an android phone. Almost all the fitness bands can be connected to any android phone. Please recommend a good smartwatch or fitness band if you are using one.

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