How Do You Earn Bitcoins? Basic Points

Earn Bitcoin

If you are thinking about investing in the Bitcoin currency, then you are about to make quite a big decision. We are pretty sure that you have thought about it long and hard, and finally decided to take the first step into the world of cryptocurrencies. But be careful, for this is not an easy task. The trades and investments in cryptocurrencies, like the Bitcoin currency, require a lot of time which will be spent on researching, learning, analyzing, comparing, thinking, deciding and then finally, investing. You would be required to make a lot of decisions between a lot of alternatives. And while the process seems (and actually is) quite tedious, it will prove to be equally rewarding as well.

The Creation and the Popularity of the Bitcoin Currency

Currently, you can find over 2000 cryptocurrencies in use over the internet across the globe. But even though people have all these alternatives and multiple options, they still love, use, trade in and prefer the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We are quite confident in believing that the first word that comes to your mind is ‘Bitcoins’ too, right?

The Bitcoin currency is extremely popular, well liked, preferred and used by almost all those who are involved in the field of cryptocurrencies. It is actually a type of ‘starting point’ or ‘first step’ that leads people to the world of digital currency. And it is actually true, both literally and figuratively.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which was ever launched for public use. It was launched on 3 January, 2009. It is said that the Bitcoin currency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who even now, remains an unknown person or group of people. This cryptocurrency is decentralised, and it does not have a central authority or bank. It works entirely independently and conducts all its transactions by transferring the currency from one single user to the other user by using the peer-to-peer bitcoin network. Therefore, the need for any middlemen or intermediaries is simply eliminated because the transaction is carried out all on its own without interference by anyone at any level of the process.

The Different Ways to Get Bitcoins

The most obvious way of getting Bitcoins is by paying for it. But here is the thing that most people are now even aware of – even a single Bitcoin costs too much. In fact, currently the value of 1 Bitcoin is approximately £35,000. This means that in order to own or get one single Bitcoin, you will be required to pay £35,000, which is obviously not any small price. Therefore, when you ‘buy Bitcoin’, you actually come to own a very small ‘portion’ of the Bitcoin, which you will then proceed to trade, invest, use or sell on platforms like Bitcoin Evolution. Nevertheless, this portion will not come with just a small amount of money either. You have to pay from your pocket for it one way or the other.

The good news is that you can get your portion of Bitcoins for free (or less cost) too. Here, we will be talking about a handful of methods that will help you earn Bitcoins for free.

  • Owning A Faucet

Owning a faucet can help you earn much more money than participating as a faucet user ever will. Building a cryptocurrency faucet is a relatively easy task. Once created, you can earn money by selling advertisements on your faucet. But remember that handling and managing a faucet will require a lot of time and effort. You will have to spend a little money on it initially, and most importantly, prevent fraud users.

  • Shopping Rewards

Free Bitcoins can also be earned through normal shopping platforms. While using a shopping reward company, you will have to download a browser extension. It will then be used as a checkout for multiple brands and companies, and help you get at least 30% cashback on your purchase. A popular shopping reward company is CoinCorner.

  • Micro Earnings

Using micro earning is one of the easiest and cheapest methods of earning Bitcoins. But the only problem with micro earnings is that it is highly time consuming. In this method, you will be required to perform small, short and easy tasks, and then you will be paid for it by being given a fraction of the coin, in accordance with the time you have spent on doing the given task. While it will still help you gain your portion of Bitcoin, it is an extremely tedious process. It really depends on whether you have the time and patience to do and complete the tasks. You can also make money with the Forex afilliate platforms.

  • Writing About Bitcoins

If you have a way with words, know your stuff about cryptocurrencies and believe that you can write properly, you may want to work as an article writer or crypto journalist. This industry is constantly evolving, news, innovations and changes are made everyday. In order to tell people about it, these companies look for writers or journalists. If you are interested in the job and are able to provide these companies with good quality content, they are likely to hire you. You can simply apply to any company of your choice by checking the ‘Jobs’ section on their website.

  • Bitcoin Forks

In August, 2017, the process of ‘Bitcoin forking’ started. It simply means that a new ‘clone’ of an existing Bitcoin will ‘fork’ or emerge and the owner of the original Bitcoin will be able to claim this new coin. The first popular fork was called Bitcoin Cash. After some time, other forks called Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond also came about. Today, there are multiple Bitcoin forks available to the public.

There are numerous other ways of earning Bitcoins. These include but are not limited to, trading your Bitcoins, lending your Bitcoins, mining your Bitcoins, using interest bearing accounts, HYIPs or coin doublers and signature campaigns. Cryptocurrencies are highly profitable ventures these days and if used properly, it can help you gain large profits.

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